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A Step Above: Michael Tatalovich

Coronado High School
Class of 2014
G.P.A.: 4.7

Think back to your high school days. Managing the daily struggles of homework, social pressures and what to do on a Friday night is normally stressful enough. Now, add hospital visits, surgeries and sickness to the mix and you’ll understand the Junior year of Michael Tatalovich. A graduating senior at Coronado High School, at his young age Michael has added “cancer” to his list of battles conquered. Alone, the journey Michael has been through places him in a league apart from many of his peers, but that’s not nearly all that defines that him. On the contrary, it’s his deep and thoughtful intelligence, the unwavering smile on his face and the kindness in his heart, regardless of his situation, that truly raises Michael – A Step Above. 

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  • Coronado Volleyball Team, 2011-2014; Junior Varsity Captain, 2012
  • Club Volleyball (Vegas Volleyball), 2011-2014
  • Coronado Football, 2010
  • Skills USA: 1st Place – Nevada State Photo Competition, 2012
  • Skills USA: 6th Place – National Photo Competition, 2012
  • Las Vegas Review Journal: 1st Place “Best News Photo”, 2011

Clubs/Community Service

  • WWD Magic Volunteer, 2012
  • NV Wildfest, 2011
  • Hopelink, 2011
  • Key Club, 2010-2011 

You are very focused on what you want for your future: “A life goal of mine is to get my PhD in Environmental Chemistry and help to stop rapid climate change. In 10 years, I see myself living in Germany, working in a laboratory trying to improve industrial processes for the least environmental impact.”

You have overcome a very serious struggle recently: “Last year I was diagnosed with cancer and through the experience of going through 4 surgeries, 32 weeks of chemotherapy and countless hospitalizations, I found an inner strength and determination that I didn’t know I had. I think I am successful because I am able to take one day at a time in order to get through long periods of hardship.”

Your mom has helped you throughout your journey:  “I look up to my mother because she is so understanding and can maintain a cool temper well.  She also balances so many things with such ease and I really respect that.”

If you could be the president of any type of nonprofit or charitable organization, what would it be and why?“I would want to be President of the Teenage Cancer Trust because I would love to oversee those expenditures and the delegation of funds for maximum impact.”

Your Favorite Quote to Live By: “Keep on keeping on” 

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