Erika Sagum

Erika Sagum
Liberty High School
Class of 2019


Liberty High School Valedictorian Erika Sagum believes that a positive mindset is important, no matter the situation and despite all odds. As someone with great aspirations, she’s experienced the clouds of self-doubt, but rather than giving up when a challenge presents itself, she chooses to persevere. Driven by a strong work ethic, she is diligent, organized and collaborative, always willing to go that extra mile to pursue her passions, sharpen her skills and make the most out of any given situation. Above all else, she seeks to set a positive example for others, believing strongly that “the tools for changing the world are in our hands,” and for that, Erika Sagum is– A Step Above.


G.P.A.: 4.75




  • -Track and Field, 2015-2016
  • -Student Council, 2017-Present; Junior Class Secretary, 2017-2018; Student Body Second Vice President, 2018-Present
  • -Class Committee, 2016-Present
  • -National Honors Society, 2017-Present
  • -Poetry Club, 2018-Present; Treasurer, 2018-Present
  • -Key Club, 2015-2017


Awards/Community Service:


  • -Academic Scholar, 2016-2018
  • -Advance Placement Award–AP Language and Composition, 2017-2018
  • -Nevada All-State Academic Team, 2018-2019
  • -Guinn Millennium Scholarship
  • -Nevada Association of Student Councils (NASC), 2018-2019
  • -NASC Southern Region Zone Workshop Presenter & Junior Counselor, 2018
  • -NASC State Workshop Presenter, 2018
  • -NASC Southern Region Midlevel Junior Counselor, 2019
  • -NASC State Junior Counselor, 2019
  • -Spring Valley Hospital Volunteer, 2016-2017
  • -Clean the World, 2016
  • -Three Square Food Bank of Nevada, 2017
  • -The Shade Tree, 2018
  • -Spread the Word Nevada, 2018-Present


How did you settle on nursing as a career path? “Nursing is a career that will allow me to be of service to others while working through new challenges each day. I chose nursing as a profession because it is an occupation where you never stop learning, and I aspire to continue my education after working as a registered nurse by earning a doctorate. Furthering my education will allow me to take on leadership roles in the health services field.”


You weren’t initially accepted into student council. How did you turn that around and what did you learn from the experience? “When I entered high school, I was shy and lacked confidence. This reflected in my student council interview, and I was not accepted. Despite my devastation, I chose to work hard, make my presence known, and continued to support student council as a class committee member. Since then, I have become more sociable and have grown as a leader. I have learned that I must work to overcome any obstacles that are preventing me from achieving my ambitions.”  


What are some of your major student council accomplishments? “With my position, I am able to help create a positive school culture for my peers and impact lives around me. One of my notable accomplishments was being selected to present a leadership workshop at student council regional and state conferences, as well as serve as a Junior Counselor to underclassmen.”


Why does the mission of Spread the Word Nevada resonate with you so strongly? “Growing up, I lived in a low-income community and attended Rex Bell Elementary School–one of the schools that was adopted by the organization. By far, it’s been my favorite community service organization to work with. I have been positively impacted by Spread the Word Nevada, as a recipient of their services and as a volunteer to their organization.”