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  • Heather Engle

    Heather Engle

    By Callie Thomas Life and circumstance are constantly changing, and from adversity can come great accomplishment and success.  Heather Engle has found that success after making some life-changing decisions and finding her passion and calling as the CEO and first female executive in the history of the Las Vegas Rescue …Read More »
  • Lacey M. Huszcza

    Lacey M. Huszcza

    Lacey M. Huszcza By Callie Thomas  Las Vegas entertains in so many ways, but it’s the music that conjures that feeling of excitement in the millions of people that visit our city, as well as those that are proud to call it home. From the breathtaking synchronized playlist of the Bellagio …Read More »
  • Dr. Jeannette Nee

    Dr. Jeannette Nee

    Dr. Jeannette Nee By Callie Thomas In life, each decision leads one toward a specific path, and as those decisions gain momentum, they create a fabric of adventures, challenges, loss and love.  For Dr. Jeannette Nee, the heart of the matter has always been about making a difference.  Whether that’s improving …Read More »
  • Greg and Dana Lee

    Greg and Dana Lee

    Greg and Dana Lee By Callie Thomas The start of a new year is a time of reflection…of where our lives have taken us and where we intend to go. So, if someone asked you what you would attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail, what would …Read More »
  • Kelly DeGuzman

    Kelly DeGuzman

    Kelly DeGuzman By Callie Thomas There are times in our lives, whether young or old, that circumstances or necessity calls us to ask ourselves, “What is my purpose?” It is a heady question, but legendary artist Pablo Picasso summed it up by saying, “The meaning of life is to find your …Read More »