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  • The Las Vegas Residency Phenomenon - A New Era in Concerts By J. Tyge O’Donnell Celine Dion is wrapping up her tenure at the Caesars Palace Colosseum–a residency that has spanned 20 years and over 1,100 performances in the 4,300-seat venue that was built for her. At the time (and according to critics) it was a huge gamble: Could Celine bring […]
  • The Ultimate “Axeperience” - The Ultimate “Axeperience” By J. Tyge O’Donnell Feeling a little stressed out due to the holidays? Things at work have you on edge? Does the upcoming New Year and what it may hold find you pulling out your hair or gnashing your teeth? Listen to me…unclench those fists, take a deep breath and just relax. All […]
  • Getting Serious About Being Funny - Getting Serious About Being Funny by J. Tyge O’Donnell Do you think you’re funny? Were you voted “Most Witty” in high school but never pursued it as a calling? Is doing a one-time stand-up routine on your bucket list but your arm still needs a little twisting to get around to it? Fortunately for us fun-seekers, […]
  • Take Me Out to the BallPark! - Take Me Out to the Ballpark! By J. Tyge O’Donnell It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago the location of the new Las Vegas Ballpark was a barren expanse of dirt and gravel. All that changed with a groundbreaking ceremony on February 13th, 2018, when construction began with upwards of 500 workers laboring […]
  • The Beautiful Brewskie – Las Vegas and the Craft Beer Invasion. - It’s hot. I mean really hot. It’s, like, stick a fork in me I’m cooked to temperature hot…and the only thing that can bring me satisfaction – that can cool me down and relieve that persistent sticky, fatigued feeling – is a cold and frothy mug of hoppy goodness. I’m not talking about a lager […]
  • Mom and Dad Gone Wild - They gave you life, put food on the table, took you to soccer games, played catch, nursed you through sickness and broken hearts, taught you manners and even punished you (when you deserved it…which was probably often). For the two people in the world who have sacrificed the most and worked the hardest on your […]
  • Into the Wild – Up Close and Personal with Our Local Animal Kingdom - I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into when I turned around to see a 500 lb. male lion just inches behind me. Mind you, he was busy slurping up raw meat and didn’t seem at all interested in what I was doing there (oh, and did I mention the layer of industrial […]
  • The Downtown Container Park – Where Everyone Has a Story - Strolling through a city block piled three-stories high with repurposed shipping containers – amongst laughing children, chattering adults, live music and the addicting waft of mesquite barbeque – it’s hard to believe we just stepped off the streets of what  was once considered a virtual no man’s land. Our first time visiting the new Downtown […]
  • Speed Photo Tour - The Speed Tour (Photo-op Tour) These guys want the crash course in all things Las Vegas. With not much time to spare, they are looking to hit all the tourist hot spots (read: The Strip in all its glory) and have some genuine Vegas knowledge for their return home to those not lucky enough to […]
  • The Star Strucks - Star Strucks They’re young, they’re fun and they are looking for the best time “Vegas” has to offer them. While you might not necessarily be able to keep up the whole time they are visiting, use this itinerary to point them in the direction of the best culture, food and downtown excitement they could imagine. […]