The Ultimate “Axeperience”

The Ultimate “Axeperience”
By J. Tyge O’Donnell



Feeling a little stressed out due to the holidays? Things at work have you on edge? Does the upcoming New Year and what it may hold find you pulling out your hair or gnashing your teeth? Listen to me…unclench those fists, take a deep breath and just relax. All you need is a good hour or two of throwing sharp objects and/or bashing household items to release some of that pent up aggression. Having Gael or Viking ancestry need not matter (but it may help!), as what’s important right now is to get it out, because stress, after all, is a killer. Luckily, there are a few places in town with remedies sure to leave you with a clear conscience while feeling liberated!



Axehole Vegas

Centrally located downtown in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience, Axehole Vegas has six “lanes” (i.e. aisles lined with chain link fencing) where first-timers can learn to throw axes followed by more exotic specialty items such as spears and ninja stars. The minimum package costs $30 for one hour, but trust me, you’ll want to opt for a longer duration (and at a better rate) because you’ll be wanting to hone your skills with newly found trick shots such as the “Sucker Punch” (a side-arm throw that starts with your back to the target) and the “Pac Man” (throwing two axes over and underhanded at the same time).


Whether it’s manager Sarah or one of her proficient staff members on duty, you’ll be supervised and, if needed, coached on how to properly stick the target. How you hold the axe, along with your first steps and subsequent follow-through all play a role in the axe’s rotation speed and is key to a successful throwing session. After only a few chucks and some helpful suggestions (I had to take a few steps back and work on my follow-through), I literally had a firm grip on things and started hitting the target somewhat consistently.


Once you’ve accomplished throwing the hatchets feel free to upgrade your experience to spears, ninja stars, or even metal playing cards (this IS Las Vegas!), as some of these are a bit more difficult than the axes and require a certain “flick of the wrist” to master. For the ultimate challenge, book a knife throwing session ahead of time, where a private instructor will help you practice the archaic skilled art that just might land you on America’s Got Talent!


Axehole Vegas opened in August of 2017 and can get quite busy on the weekends due to its downtown tourist foot traffic. Consider visiting midday and/or mid-week to avoid the crowds. Check-out for more information,

 including group and corporate rates, private party information and discounts. 



Axe Monkeys

 Opened in early 2017 and located in the ‘burbs of Henderson near Sunset and Pecos, Axe Monkeys is a growing franchise (with two locations in Canada) that offer a large, 14,000 square foot warehouse of 23 lanes along with a “Rage Room” and a newly added virtual reality/green screen gaming room.


Ideal for large groups, the facility offers shuttle service to and from Strip locations for groups of 4 or more (prearranged) and have a caged mobile unit on a trailer available to rent for private functions and festivals.


Remember the scene from Office Space when Peter, Michael Bolton and Samir go bat-crap crazy on the copier machine? You can do just that and more in Axe Monkey’s Rage Room where you can either bring your own item(s) or select from a variety of provided hardware and appliances. While wearing full coverage overalls, closed-toe shoes and face protection, one can vent all their inner frustrations by using such implements as bats, hammers and golf clubs while listening to your favorite (mash-up!) soundtrack as the chaos unfolds.


Axe Monkey’s package deals are similar but priced slightly cheaper than their downtown counterpart (an off-Strip bonus!), and they also offer an impressive array of retail ax-throwing paraphernalia, including souvenir hatchet wedges (well-worn but with plenty of character) for a mere buck each! Go to for all the details, including discounts for charitable events.


After spending an afternoon at both Axehole Vegas and Axe Monkeys, I can tell you that both locations are all about safety first and foremost, with fun being a close second. Read and sign the waivers, listen to the staff, then be prepared to have an awesome, stress-relieving good time! Also, be prepared to use some muscles that you may not usually exercise; I felt a slight burn in my arms in the days following my experiences. It was all good though, and well worth the mental anguish that I left behind. Bring on the new year! I’m ready for it!