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Unique Zip Code Advertising offers businesses maximum return on their investment.


  • The Zip Code Magazines® are relevant and targeted. Choose the affluent zip codes in which you want to promote your product or service.
  • The Zip Code Magazines® are proven to drive more customers to your website.
  • The Zip Code Magazines® are kept & read because of interesting editorial content and timely community information, in a full color glossy layout.
  • The Zip Code Magazines® are a value…directly mailed to more than 100,000 homes & businesses from Green Valley to Summerlin with advertising rates as low as 1.1 cents per magazine.
  • The Zip Code Magazines® brand is trusted and known throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.
  • The Zip Code Magazines® have loyal readers, targeted distribution and offers your brand credibility.


  • The Coupon Book is used by our readers because of the strong brand of the Zip Code Magazines®.
  • The Coupon Book is kept by our readers because of the convenient size, offers from the neighborhood businesses, and attractive layout.
  • The Coupon Book is a bound booklet, no loose papers, making it easy to carry around and use.
  • The Coupon Book is the recognized leader in our targeted zip codes.
  • The Coupon Book is direct mailed to 250,000 homes and businesses with advertising rates as low as 1.3 cents per piece.
  • The Coupon Book is a highly successful & powerful marketing tool for any product or service.
  • The high quality Zip Code Magazines® and Zip Code Coupon Books offer businesses the instant credibility and exposure that drives customers to their doors.

Direct Mail Options

  •  We’ve taken our trusted brand and more than 15 years of advertising experience to a new level by offering custom postcard solutions for your branding needs. Reach thousands of potential customers FOR A FRACTION OF THE REGULAR DIRECT-MAILING COST by partnering with the Zip Code Magazines®.
  • Click here for more information on Direct-Mail Advertising. 


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