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Livin' Local: A Tour for All Tastes

We all have one – Aunt Beth, Uncle Albert or a distant cousin who seems to know all the best places, shows, deals and tours to take out-of-town guests when they visit Las Vegas. The starry-eyed tourists get off the plane, are greeted by said family member at baggage claim and promptly whisked away for a weekend trip they’ll never forget. 

Then, there’s you. Between back-to-school homework help, work, the gym and holiday gift shopping, somehow planning the perfect itinerary for your holiday visitors didn’t make the top priority list. You want to show them a good time, but some have different tastes (who knows what your niece on winter break from grad school wants to do), and for reasons unbeknownst to you, your motherboard has been completely stripped of ideas for a good restaurant aside from the one you frequent, maybe too often, down the street from your house. Well we are here to help! 

Here are some great ideas for tour itineraries around our beloved city for different tastes and interests. We know there’s not one true stereotype, so feel free to pick and choose from each itinerary to get the perfect tour for your guests! You don’t even have to give us credit for making it look easy, but beware… soon Aunt Beth may be calling you for sightseeing advice.


Click on the categories below for an itinerary:

The Outdoorsy/Active Types (“Let’s go on a hike”)
Could be:

–       Living in a place where every person owns and regularly uses a mountain bike
–       Has competed in a long and scary-looking obstacle course or 24-hour relay race
–       Always looking for a new adventure

The Young Family (“Can we take the kids?”)
Could be:

–       Juggling babies or young toddlers
–       Looking for “family-friendly” Vegas
–       Hoping for just one kid-free night (that’s where you come in)

Star Strucks (“Vegas Baby”)
Could be:

–       Twenty or Thirty-Something’s
–       You’ve heard them use the words “Foodie” or “Sin City”
–       Wearing dark-rimmed glasses or possibly Greek letters from college

The Speed Tour (“We don’t have long”)
Could be:

–       Just in for one day
–       The “gawker”
–       Need good photos and a good story for their friends back home

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