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A Step Above: A Step Above – Allison Beal

Foothill High School
Class of 2014

True leadership is not about making inspirational speeches; it’s about results, and Foothill High School Student Body President Allison Beal has spent her career in student council making things happen through intensive leadership, goal setting and a strong sense of follow through. Engaging, driven and committed to excellence in all she does, Allison has learned to become a positive role model by staying involved in activities and surrounding herself with like minded people. Taking charge of student government is an uphill climb, but she’s determined to reach the summit, and that’s the kind of personal devotion that sets Allison Beal – A Step Above.


G.P.A.: 4.63


  • Sun Youth Forum Participant, 2013
  • Henderson High School Leadership Participant, 2013
  • RSVP Workshop Presenter, Southern Zone, State & National Student Council Conference, 2011
  • Presenter at National Student Council Conference, 2013
  • Student Council, 2010-Present
  • Student Body President, 2013; Junior Class VP, 2012-13
  • National Honor Society, 2011-Present; Leadership Team, 2013
  • Yearbook, 2010-Present; Editor, 2011-Present
  • Interact, 2012-Present
  • NASC Certified Student Leader, 2011

Awards/Community Service

  • Student Council Most Valuable Freshman, 2011
  • Student Council Most Valuable Sophomore, 2012
  • Student Council Most Valuable Junior, 2013
  • Kids to Kids Book Cleaning, 2012-Present
  • Santa Run, 2011-Present
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly-athon, 2012-Present; Chairperson, 2013
  • Suicide Prevention Walk Volunteer, 2011-Present
  • Trick or Treat for Canned Goods, 2010-Present
  • Iron Man Volunteer, 2012-Present

Allison Looks Up To: “My cousin Amanda Lester has been my role model my entire life. Amanda is the one that got me interested in student council in elementary school. It is such an honor that we were both able to serve as Student Body President at Foothill High School. Her drive and goal setting have been an inspiration to me.”

Allison is Stronger and Wiser Because: “My parents have encouraged me to excel in school my whole life. They worked hard to put themselves through college and expect the same from me and my brother. My parents encouraged me to get a job to learn about working hard and the value of money. I am expected to bring home good grades and earn a good life like they did.”

Part of the Solution: “The societal pressure to make children grow up faster than they should is a major issue facing young adults, especially girls. Their self esteem suffers if they do not look the way society expects them to. I can help by mentoring young girls and showing them how important a good education is and how they can still care about their appearance without sacrificing their education.”










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