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A Step Above: A Step Above – Cole Bryan

Palo Verde High School
Class of 2013

The golden rule for enjoying life seems fairly simple: do what you love. That’s always been the answer for Palo Verde High School Student Body President Cole Bryan. Put a lacrosse stick in his hand or a snowboard under his feet and you’re going to see a smile on his face. But embracing life means more than just having a good time for this energetic Eagle Scout. The selfless dedication and service he puts into school, family and community means more than any game winning goal, and it’s that quality of character that places Cole Bryan – A Step Above.

G.P.A.: 3.9


  • Varsity Lacrosse, 2010-Present; Captain, 2012
  • Elite Vegas Starz Lacrosse Team, 2010-Present; Captain, 2012
  • West Coast Starz Lacrosse Team, 2011-Present
  • High Rollers Lacrosse Team, 2011
  • Palo Verde Football, 2010-11
  • Stake Youth Choir, 2012
  • Student Council, 2009-Present
  • Freshman Class VP, 2009-10; Sophomore Class VP, 2010-11
  • Junior Class President, 2011-12
  • Student Body President, 2012
  • Boy Scouts of America, 2009-Present

Awards/Community Service

  • Panther Award – First Coach’s Award, 2012
  • NCLA State Champions, 2012
  • NSLC State Champions, 2011
  • All State Midfield (Lacrosse), 2012
  • Eagle Scout Award, 2012
  • Determination Award (Lacrosse), 2011
  • Defense MVP (Football), 2011
  • Lupus Foundation Volunteer, 2010-Present
  • Opportunity Village, 2009-Present
  • Mormon Helping Hands, 2011-Present

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: “I am most proud of being part of Palo Verde’s lacrosse team. Lacrosse players don’t get recognition in the valley because it is a club sport. I play because I love the game. Our team has been successful and it allows us to introduce the sport to more people in Las Vegas. I support all sports in school. You have to play what you love.”

Cole Looks Up To: “I look up to all of my family in their individual ways of being who they really are. My older siblings have all been involved in Student Council at Palo. They encouraged me to run and be involved. They are all good examples of hard work and dedication. I have a lot to live up to!”

Cole is Stronger and Wiser Because: “Doing what makes me happy is what I learned from all my obstacles and experiences in life. There are many people who have influenced me. I have learned that if I do what will make me happy now and in the future, I’m good. This solves a lot of everyday problems and challenges.”


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