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A Step Above: A Step Above – Dontre Manual

Palo Verde High School
Class of 2013

Speaking up and speaking out is nothing new for Palo Verde High School senior Dontre Manual. As a champion and highly regarded leader in the field of forensics, Dontre puts his heart and soul into self expression through a sharp clarity of vision and a passion for engaging others in informed debate. For a young man of his unlimited potential, no challenge is too big, no mountain too high to climb. When opportunity knocks, he’s the first one to answer the call. For always standing tall and reaching for new heights, Dontre Manual rises to – A Step Above.

dontre manual

G.P.A.: 3.41

Sports/Activities/Awards/Community Service

  • JV Basketball, 2010-11
  • Forensics: Speech & Debate, 2012-13
  • Creative Writing Club, 2010-12
  • Chess Club, 2011-13
  • Six Time 1st Place Forensics Champion, 2012-13
  • Two Time 5th Place Forensics Finalist, 2012-13
  • Award of Appreciation (Talent Show Host), 2011-12
  • Quiet Storm Foundation, 2012-13
  • Youth Empowerment Council, 2012-13

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: “Within my first year of joining forensics, I have gotten multiple first place positions, then went on to become a finalist in the varsity division, then finally to win first place at a national tournament. I am most proud of my success in forensics because it has helped me figure out my true talents, which are acting and giving speeches.”

Dontre Looks Up To: “I look up to Martin Luther King Jr. He has been the biggest role model of my life. With him being able to achieve his goal of passing the Civil Rights Act, it has inspired me that anything is possible and nothing should hold you back. With all the trials and burdens he carried, he was still able to continue the pursuit of happiness and achieve his dream.”

Dontre is Stronger and Wiser Because: “When I was sixteen, I was kicked out of my father’s home. At the time, my mother was in prison. I was devastated and scared that I wouldn’t make it in life. This has helped me become stronger because I am able to cope with traumatic issues and I learned the value of sacrifice. I took the initiative in the path of education and success. I was helped by many friends that helped me overcome my adversity and cope with my struggles.”

Part of the Solution: “One of the key issues facing young adults today is homelessness. Volunteer organization Title I Hope has identified that there are over 5,000 homeless students in the Clark County School District. Being involved in two different volunteer programs, I can help these students in any way possible. I understand their struggle because of my own experience.”


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