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A Step Above: A Step Above – Laura Brodkin

Bishop Gorman High School
Class of 2013

Knowledge is truth, and Bishop Gorman High School senior Laura Brodkin hopes to have a career and a future where she consistently seeks more of both. Eloquent, personable and passionate about what she believes in, Laura hopes to shape public policy and influence the political sphere on issues that matter the most to her. By staying engaged and informed on every level, she’s always working hard to be the best, a quality that she hopes to continue at the University of Michigan this fall. Her passion helps keep her motivated to create the change she would like to see in the world, and that’s what helps Laura Brodkin rise to – A Step Above.


G.P.A.: 3.87


  • Freshman Cheer, 2009-10; Junior Varsity Cheer, 2010-11
  • BGHS Competition Cheer Team, 2010-11
  • Sophomore Class President, 2010-11; Junior Class Treasurer, 2011-12
  • Executive Board Senator, 2012-13
  • Varsity Public Forum and Domestic Extemporaneous, 2012-13
  • U.S. Senate Page, 2012-13
  • We the People Unit Leader, 2012-13
  • Mock Trial, 2012-13
  • Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, 2012-13
  • National Honor Society, 2011-13
  • Micro Bank, 2010-11

Awards/Community Service

  • Nevada State Mock Trial Champions, 2012-13
  • AP Scholar, 2012-13
  • 1st Place, Unit 6 We the People – District 3, Region 1, NV, 2012-13
  • 1st Place, Varsity Public Forum, 2011-13
  • BGHS Academic Society, 2009-11
  • Scholar Athlete Award, 2009-11
  • St. Vincent Lied Dining Facility/Catholic Charities, 2011
  • Three Square Food Bank, 2010-12
  • Opportunity Village, 2010-12
  • Habitat for Humanity, 2012

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: “I am most proud of my mock trial team placing fourth at the national level. The team was a group of amazing students that really worked hard to be the best. It is the best any team from Nevada has ever done and I will always remember the fun I had with some great friends.”

Laura is Stronger and Wiser Because: “My most important experiences have come from my failures rather than from my successes. Losing my student council election senior year taught me that you can’t win at everything. It also showed me that winning with grace is one thing, but losing with grace can be even more important.”

Part of the Solution: “A key issue that young adults face today is being severely underestimated by leaders and by the media. I think that many would be surprised how many truly engaged and informed young adults there are, especially on issues that matter to us. To solve this, my fellow classmates and I need to involve ourselves more deeply in social movements and community activism to make sure our demographic is properly represented.”



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