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A Step Above: A Step Above – Lindsey Flangas

Faith Lutheran High School
Class of 2013

Faith Lutheran High School senior Lindsey Flangas has built her strength of character through hard work, strong values and a clear vision for her future. The University of Texas at Austin will welcome her with open arms this fall, where she plans to study mechanical engineering in hopes of forging new paths and bringing innovation to the forefront. The bonds of family play a key role in this volleyball superstar’s world, with years of supportive encouragement helping her to develop the poise, grace and will to succeed that she shows in everyday life. For always embracing her full potential no matter the obstacles, Lindsey Flangas stands – A Step Above.


G.P.A.: 4.01

Sports/Activities/Community Service

  • Freshmen Volleyball, 2009-10
  • Varsity Volleyball, 2010-13
  • Club Volleyball, 2009-12
  • Lip Sync, 2012-13
  • National Junior Honor Society, 2009-10
  • National Honor Society, 2010-13
  • Opportunity Village Kids, 2009-13
  • Service Leadership Class, 2012-13
  • Mark 10:14 Class, 2012-13


  • Valedictorian, 2013
  • Scholar Athlete, 2009-13
  • Crusader Award (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • 2nd Team All State (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • 1st Team All Conference (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • 1st Team All Division (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • Conference Champions (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • Division Champions (Volleyball), 2012-13
  • Freshmen Volleyball MVP, 2009-10

Lindsey is Successful Because: “I believe I am successful because I always give my best effort in whatever I set my mind to. It’s easy to rush through homework or only put in half effort at practices, but you won’t see any results that way. Putting in a little hard work can go a long way.”

Lindsey Looks Up To: “I look up to both my parents because they’ve worked hard to accomplish everything they have and have made sure I have the same values. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for them always encouraging me.”

Lindsey is Stronger and Wiser Because: “My freshman year of volleyball, I did not make the team I was hoping to make. After that, I trained twice as hard, played club and was able to make the varsity team the following year. It helped me learn that if things don’t go your way you can either get mad and quit or take the actions to improve your circumstances.”

Part of the Solution: “I think an issue facing young adults today is a lack of identity. High school is a time where a lot of students are still trying to find their place and it’s easy to be persuaded to make the wrong choices. I think young adults should stick to their morals and key beliefs and not let others change who they are.”

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