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A Step Above: A Step Above – Miranda Lopez

Palo Verde High School
Class of 2013

From cheerleading to student council and beyond, the indomitable spirit that Palo Verde High School senior Miranda Lopez shows for school (and for life) not only inspires others but unites them in camaraderie. Outgoing, engaging and always there to help those in need, Miranda sets out to make a difference in everything she does, whether it’s at Palo Verde or in the community with local charities. While she treasures her independence, she knows that we can accomplish great things together, and she’s happy to lead the way. For that, Miranda Lopez stands – A Step Above.

G.P.A.: 4.8


  • Cheerleading, 2009-12
  • Serenade Choir, 2009-Present
  • Camp Broadway, 2012
  • Pep Club, 2010-Present
  • Interact, 2011-Present
  • Junior Class Representative, 2011-12
  • Senior Class President, 2012

Awards/Community Service

  • All-American Cheerleader, 2011
  • Most Dedicated (Cheerleading), 2011
  • Most Studious (Cheerleading), 2012
  • Student of the Month, 2012
  • Junior of the Year (Choir), 2012
  • AP Scholar, 2012
  • Positively Kids, 2009-12
  • Lupus Walk, 2009-12
  • Three Square Food Bank, 2011
  • Ronald McDonald House, 2011
  • Willow Creek, 2009-12
  • J.T. McWilliams, 2012

Goals & Aspirations: “For the remainder of my senior year, I would like to help raise school spirit and improve school unity. After graduating high school, I plan to graduate from a four year university and set out to inspire others and make a difference.”

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: “I am most proud of writing and performing an original oratory for the Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Competition. After winning first place in my class, school, and then the state, I realized that performing motivational speeches was something I was meant to do.”

Miranda is Stronger and Wiser Because: “Being just barely four feet, eleven inches, I have had to endure taunting and teasing for as long as I can remember. After deciding to embrace my height, I have realized that being tiny has given me the ability to play certain characters, wear extremely high heels, and prove that good things come in small packages.”

Improving Student Life: “In order to improve the conditions at my school, I would make it required that students are exposed to the harmful outcomes of bullying. There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a student upset because of what another student has said or done.”



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