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A Step Above: Emily Lim

Silverado High School
Class of 2014
G.P.A.: 4.8


It’s been a hot topic in education and the working world: Why are fewer women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects than men? Well, that memo never reached the desk of Emily Lim of Silverado High School. The graduating senior, valedictorian candidate and avid runner doesn’t mess around when it comes to math and science. They are her passion and her future. What’s more, wildly driven and intensely focused, Emily has the “get it done” personality that makes her the star of any team. With this dynamite combo, we’re certain Emily will go on to do big things for our world, and that’s what makes her  – A Step Above.   

Sports/Clubs/Community Service

  • Track & Field, 2011-2013; Varsity, 2012-2013
  • Varsity Cross Country, 2012
  • Key Club, 2010-Present; Secretary, 2011-2012; President, 2012-2013; Vice President, 2013-Present
  • Mu Alpha Theta, 2011-Present; Secretary, 2012-2013; President, 2013-Present
  • National Honor Society, 2011-Present
  • Interact, 2012-Present; Treasurer, 2013-Present
  • Sun Youth Participant, 2013
  • Varsity Quiz, 2013
  • Student Mentor, 2011-2012
  • Silverado Blood Drive, 2011-2013; Coordinator, 2011-2012; Chair, 2012-2013
  • Relay for Life, 2011-Present; Luminaria Chair, 2011-2012; Team Development Chair, 2012-2013; Co-Chair/Registration Chair, 2013-Present
  • Enterprise Library Volunteer, 2011-2013
  • Elementary School Carnivals, 2011-2013


  • Scholar Athlete, 2010-2013
  • Academic Letter Award, 2010-2013
  • 1st Place in Blood Drive Division, 2012 & 2013
  • Most Valuable Mentor, 2012
  • Silverado Student of the Month, 2010 

We love that you’re in to math and science (as writers that’s not really our forte): “In ten years, I see myself working as either a civil, mechanical, or aeronautical engineer. I’ve always had a passion for math and science, and I want to be able to integrate that passion into my life long career.”

You’re very proud of your involvement in the Silverado Blood Drive: “My biggest accomplishment is running Silverado’s blood drives with the blood drive committee. After much effort, we were able to get the most donated pints of blood in our division, taking home a $1500 scholarship, two years in a row.”

Family is an important part of your success:  “My mom is the reasoning behind my success. I am ambitious, because she has always offered support, rather than pressure. I also look up to my grandmother, because she overcame all the adversities in her life. After the Khmer Rouge, she came to the U.S. with her family, and started fresh without anything. Because of her work, effort, and dedication to her family, she created an environment for all her children to grow up and prosper.”

If you could be President of any organization, what would it be? “After working on the South Youth Relay for Life committee for the past three years, it has inspired me, and opened up a whole new perspective to my understanding of the world. I would be president, because I would want to work towards the goal of curing cancer, so others wouldn’t have to face the devastating effects of it.”

Favorite Quote to Live By: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

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