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For Advertisers: Great Expectations: A Fine Line in Business Branding

In this Yelp-driven world where reviews can spread like wildfire and have incredible impact on your business, customer perception is paramount… every time. This isn’t to say customer satisfaction hasn’t always been the highest priority, but if we’re considering the information-age and the abundant resources for one disgruntled patron to voice disconcert, I’m just saying our margin for error as a business (and as business-owners and employees) has gone down dramatically. 


Something I’ve noticed with my clients through the years that makes the threat of error even greater is their tendency to set expectations too high. As a brand (and we’re all brands), creating larger-than-life expectations with your clients can almost immediately set you up for a failure that’s hard to come back from if you hit an issue that, while certainly not the norm, blindsides the client without so much as a tap on the shoulder. As I’m always looking for other resources that can help my customers find success, I stumbled across the article below that explains this kind of incident perfectly as well as giving some great advice as how to avoid the “Great Expectations” trap, and keep your brand’s reputation spotless without having to be perfect…every time.


Great Expectations Can Be a Drag…On Your Brand


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