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A Step Above: Maggie Boyd

Palo Verde High School
Class of 2014
G.P.A.: 4.3

Not everyone can say they are among the top in the world at something, and it’s even harder to find those who can say it and describe the accomplishment as “pretty cool.” That’s the endearing, humble attitude that just adds charm to the success of Palo Verde High School student and future Texas A&M Aggie, Maggie Boyd. Quiet, yet undoubtedly passionate and talented, the graduating senior is top five in the world as a West Coast Equestrian, in addition to being a stellar student and engaged young citizen. Her drive and dedication to her skill is truly a joy to watch and her natural, laid back approach to life makes her “pretty cool” in our book, placing her – A Step Above. 


Sports/Clubs/Community Service

  • Photographer for football & lacrosse teams, 2010-Present
  • Competitive equestrian -National, Regional & Local levels, 2011-Present
  • United States Equestrian Federation Varsity Athlete, 2011-Present
  • National Honor Society, 2011-Present
  • PVTV Broadcast Group                  , 2011-Present
  • Palo Verde High School Track Team, 2011
  • Junior League of Las Vegas, 2010-Present
  • BJ Schafer Training Center, 2010-Present
  • Project 150, 2012-2013
  • Title One Hope, 2010-2011


  • Multiple award winner; West Coast equestrian events, 2011-Present
  • AMHA Equestrian Medal Recipient, 2011-2013
  • Ranked Top 3 in Nation – AMHA Grand Nationals, 2013 
  • Ranked Top 5 in World – AMHA World Championships, 2013  
  • West Coast Region Champion, 2013 

Sounds like your passion for sports will be driving your career? “Right now my goals are to get through the rest of senior year and further improve my riding abilities. Long term I hope to win the World Championships in October and graduate from Texas A&M with a sports management degree. In ten years I see myself in Texas, managing or running PR for some of the biggest names in sports.” 

What accomplishments are you most proud of and why? “ I’m most proud of my 3/5 finishes at the National and World Championships. It was my first time competing at that level, so I’d say that’s pretty cool.”’

You have a very special idol: “As cliché as it seems, I look up to my mom. She has such a caring and supportive demeanor and she always has the solution to my problems. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Animals play a really important role in your life: “If I could be president of a non-profit organization it would be the SPCA. I have the biggest soft spot for animals and would jump at any opportunity to help them. To be able to run an animal rescue would be an amazing experience.”

Favorite quote to live by: “Hakuna Matata!”


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