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Getting a manicure has certainly changed over the years.  Our nails have become a canvas for a variety of styles and trends. Still, not every salon is the same when it comes to providing polishes and products that are durable while keeping us safe.  Knowing what to look for and the questions to ask at your next visit can make all the difference. Tsu and Nataliia, owners of Prestige Nail Boutique have done extensive research on various nail related products and offer these tips for helping you to make an informed decision on what’s right for you and your nails.

All Polishes are Not Created Equal

You might think all polishes are created equal but in reality, some of the best products to use on your nails aren’t called polish at all. When choosing colors at your next manicure, ask your nail technician what products and brands they offer. Look at the bottle to be sure you’re getting what you pay for and be wary of bottles without labels. Choose the product that’s best for your lifestyle, budget and the health of your nails.


Many salons use a simple polish to paint your nails. Nail polish is quite thin, its primary use is for decorating and drawing and it will chip off easily.  Most budget nail salons use these polishes to paint nails, as their life expectancy is as little as 2 days, making it easier to upsell Gel Polish that lasts longer.

Nail Lacquers

Nail lacquers are a step above regular polish and provide superior wear.  Known for their thickness, lacquers are more durable and chip resistant than polish.  They offer some protection to the nail and last about 5 to 7 days.  At Prestige Nail Boutique, we also apply a middle coat vs. the tradition base and top coat, extending the life of the product.

Gel Polish (aka soft Gel Polish)

Gel polish (the kind that requires a lamp to cure) is by far the most durable choice of polishes. It’s the thickest and most chip resistant of the three.  It requires no drying time as the product cures under a UV/LED lamp.   The product lasts 10 to 14 days, and removal  should be done by a professional to prevent damage to the nail bed.  At Prestige Nail Boutique we use LED lamps, cutting the UV exposure from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.

The Difference Between Acrylic, Hard Gel, PolyGel and Dipping Powder

For those that enhance their nails, there’s a variety of choices. It’s important to note that none of these products should damage the nail. An experienced nail technician should know how to properly apply and remove these products, so if you’re experiencing damage to the nail it’s most likely from over filing and improper removal of product by your nail tech.


Acrylic is powder and liquid Monomer mixed together, applied over the nail and/or tip. This product is a good choice for the budget conscious consumer that don’t mind a thicker, heavy looking nail that’s prone to staining.  Since the surface is porous, we recommend paring it with Gel Polish to minimize staining.

Be aware of suspiciously cheap acrylics and salons that smell. This could mean they’re using products that contain MMA.  MMA has been banned from Nevada, yet is still secretly used by many salons. It doesn’t bond to the nail well, and requires excessive filing that severely damages the natural nail, especially if the tip is knocked off. At Prestige Nail Boutique, our Acrylic is odorless and never contains MMA. It also allows the nail to safely pop off should it be hit hard.  

Hard Gel & PolyGel

Hard Gels come in gel form, usually in a jar, never as a powder or liquid.  Most often people get confused between Hard Gel and Acrylics.  Hard Gels are non-porous, they cure only under the lamp and are lighter and stronger than acrylic.  They usually feel thinner and look more natural.

PolyGel is the newest and most technologically advanced of the three. It is a hybrid of Acrylic and a Hard Gel. It is more flexible than Acrylic, stronger than Hard Gel, and lighter than both. PolyGel and Hard Gel both cure under the lamp. 

Dipping Powder

Perhaps the most natural looking product of the four, dipping powders are formulated to improve the health of the nail while providing a finish that’s flexible, lightweight and strong. Its odorless, doesn’t stain and requires no UV light. 

 A base coat is applied to the nail and then it’s dipped or poured into a colored powder and sealed with a special top coat. We use SNS powders made in the USA and feature over 400 colors to choose from.  Our dips nourish the natural nail with Vitamin E & Calcium.

When considering any of these products, it’s important to steer clear of the harsh chemicals found in cheaper brands used at most discount salons. These usually contain toxic ingredients known as the “Big 5” that are suspected of causing health issues from cancer and dermatitis to reproductive and neurological disorders.  Unlike most salons, Prestige Nail Boutique only uses Cruelty Free, Vegan, Big 5-Free, Organic products.  For added protection, we also use one-time disposable nail files, buffers, cuticle sticks, manicure bowls, pedicure liners, toe separators and slippers.  Our metal tools are sanitized, disinfected and sterilized with equipment that’s made in the USA and is FDA registered.  We do it because we care about your health

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