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For Advertisers: Print’s Not Dead

print dead

I’ll admit it. If you haven’t figured it out already this specific post is a little self serving, but this nasty little rumor has been going around for the last few years and I can’t shake the fact that, despite all the hype about print being “dead,” there is still plenty of new and valid research that says otherwise. Just last year, GfK Panel Services (a research company specializing in ROI studies) showed that print advertising had the highest ROI of any advertising medium. Another study from Pitney Bowes in 2014 showed 76% of small business still saying their ideal marketing mix includes both print and digital

Yea, yea. Of course I’d say that. So I went searching for a second opinion. I found this article that I think does a nice job of summing up the pros AND cons of print media, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that including print in your marketing mix is a wise choice… Hope you enjoy.

Is Print Advertising Still Worth It by Genesis Davies | Yahoo Small Business

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