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For Advertisers: Speaking to Boomers… (and, pretty much every other generation)


I saw this article recently in MediaPost and the headline caught my eye: “Ever Wonder Why Baby Boomers Don’t Respond To Your Advertising?” Relevant, as connecting with this large and powerful generation (Consumers over 50 years of age represent 44% of the U.S. population, control 70% of disposable income, and account for 49% of all spending on consumer packaged goods according to Nielsen.) is most certainly in the best interest of business.  And definitely an issue I’ve thought about and discussed with customers frequently in my line of work.

What I’m wondering, however, after reading the entire article is whether these are good tips for advertising to any generation. It’s a fact that “Millenials” also react well to authenticity… as a Gen X, I can safely say I do as well, in addition to my peers. Really, who doesn’t want to be talked to in an original, non-condescending way about something that will actually make our lives better, easier or more fulfilling? The larger issue may be that this demographic is being ignored all together, and that’s why your ads may not be resonating with them. My advice? (Since I’ve got you here already.) Know thy customer and talk to them like you’d talk to a friend in person. If you are selling a product, service or experience that Boomers want, make sure your advertising reflects that respectfully, and without all that cliche jargon and generalities that make everyone cringe.

Read this article for some good tips for your next ad: “Ever Wonder Why Baby Boomers Don’t Respond To Your Advertising?” 

I’m confident you’ll begin to see a response. 

See you around the neighborhood,

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