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A Step Above: A Step Above – Brock Smith

Faith Lutheran High School
Class of 2014

Between academics, athletics and student council, Faith Lutheran High School Student Body President Brock Smith stays active and involved in all aspects of campus life. With dynamic leadership skills and steadfast determination, Brock takes great pride in encouraging the student body to stay connected and proactive by living that same message himself. Decisive, inspiring and deeply self motivated, Brock relies on his strong sense of values and unyielding confidence to carry him through life’s adventures while helping others understand the true meaning of success and the power of positivity. For all that and more, Brock Smith rises to – A Step Above.

brock smith
G.P.A.: 4.22

brock smith

Sports/Activities/Awards/Community Service

Freshmen Football, 2010
Freshmen Basketball, 2010; Captain, 2010
JV Basketball, 2011-12; Captain, 2011-12
Varsity Basketball, 2013-Present
Student Council, 2012-Present
Junior Class Treasurer, 2012-13
Student Body President, 2013-Present
Academic Scholar Award, 2010-13
Crusader Award, 2010
Basketball MVP, 2012
Teacher Assistant/Volunteer at Bozarth Elementary School, 2011-13

Brock is Successful Because: “I am successful because of my determination and accomplishments in high school so far. As a seventeen-year-old going into my senior year, I am growing up and finding out what I want to do with my life. All I can do right now is control my academics, my attitude towards the future and how I help out my school, and I believe I still have room for growth.”

Improving Student Life: “I think school spirit can change the way student life is at my school. Sporting events, dances and other school related events are ways for students to really be active in school and meet new friends through cheering on a sports team or attending a dance. As Student Body President, my peers and myself are trying to encourage everyone to be a proactive student.”

Part of the Solution: “I think one of the biggest issues for young adults today going through college or thinking of college is the fact that jobs are not so available as before. The recession has affected many people in that money isn’t as accessible for college tuition or anything related and many young kids with degrees aren’t able to get jobs.”

Cause for Concern: “I would be the president of the American Cancer Society. Cancer affects the lives of millions of people, those who have it and those who know of someone with it. There is no known cure and I believe cancer research is a desired thing that every person who has been directly or indirectly affected by this terrible disease wants.”

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