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  • Warm and Cozy  Hand Knitting – the Latest Trend in Fiber Art
    Warm and Cozy Hand Knitting – the Latest Trend in Fiber ArtBy DeDee Birdsall We’re fast approaching the winter months, and we all know it’s the best season for us crafty people.  We love to hunker down, have a couple of …Read More »
  • Colorful Chaos  The Fluid Art – Dirty Pour Technique
    Colorful Chaos The Fluid Art – Dirty Pour Technique By DeDee Birdsall Do you have a tired, worn out coffee or end table that could use a fresh coat of paint and a little TLC? Most of us do. Bring life back …Read More »
  • Relax with Wax – Guide to Candle Making
    Relax with Wax – Guide to Candle Making By DeDee Birdsall Candles have been around for centuries. Research suggests that ancient Egyptians burned candles made from beeswax as early as 3000 BC. In those days and for hundreds of years to …Read More »
  • Around the World Style: Using Maps for Adventuresome Crafting Projects
    Maps and atlases drum up a sense of adventure and nostalgia for most of us.  Those archaic, worn and tattered resources now tucked in a drawer or stuffed in the glove compartment of the car are a nostalgic symbol of …Read More »
  • Join the Design Revolution!  Creating Custom Fabric, Wall Paper, Decals and Gift Wrap
    By: DeeDee Birdsall Did you catch the Project Runway episode where contestants were given the challenge to design and create their own fabric in less than an hour? “I’d love to create my own fabric,” you might have thought. “But …Read More »