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PetPourri: 30 Cutest Pets & Their People

Ten years ago this month you may have seen our Publisher, Greg Wagonseller, lurking about at a local dog park, camera in hand.   Often times met with a quick sprint in the opposite direction or that quizzical “who is this crazy stalker guy” gaze his targets frequently displayed, Greg patiently carried on in the hopes of getting a few proud puppy owners to allow him a picture for our Pets and their People section.

No one had heard of us at the time, but fast forward a decade and you’re sure to notice that Greg has since been relieved of his duties…well in that department anyway!  Thanks to the hundreds of pictures our readers (that’s you!) have sent in over the years, Pets and their People have delighted both staff and readers alike, allowing us a look into the lives you share with your beloved furry family members.  Actually, fur was never a prerequisite as we’ve highlighted an interesting array of animals that you choose to call pets including horses, lizards, turtles, ferrets, bunnies, birds and even a gigantic snake!

Here’s a collection of some of the pictures we’ve received over the past ten years.  We hope you enjoy seeing friends old and new, pay tribute to those that may have passed on and remember to keep sending in your favorites. We wouldn’t want to have to put Greg back out on the beat.


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