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  • Fara Thomas
    Local Artisan   Fara Thomas farathomasart.com Instagram page: fara.thomas.art “My art is about life, with all its textures and layers, expressing love of the movement, energy and depth that exists in our everyday lives.” There are people who wish they …Read More »
  • David Nydam
    By Rob Kachelriess The allure of fine art photography lies in the opportunity to capture a unique moment in time and preserve it for generations to come. In mastering this skill, Dave Nydam has proven to be a true leader …Read More »
  • James Stanford
    Website or site we can go to see your work:  JamesStanfordArt.com    ShimmeringZen.com Standout Quote: “I can’t remember when I was unaware of the magic and power of art.” A lifelong explorer of the visual arts, James Stanford has a storied …Read More »
    www.davidtupaz.com  – YouTube: David Tupaz  “I am fortunate that the universe has naturally gifted me with talent and creativity. I am honored that I am part of the never ending mystery of creation and that I am able to create …Read More »
  • Bob Tibolt
    Website:  artmapmaker.com “I am a cartographer who learned his craft from a master. Having loved maps for as long as I can remember, I’ve been making them for over forty years. I enjoy the design process and the application of …Read More »
  • Jole Nikac
    Anyone who has lived in our city for even a short period of time has had a breath or two stolen away by our sunsets. They are a work of true art that bring with them a powerful and humbling …Read More »
  • Local Artisan: Suz Hinton
    Wire cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and crimping pliers all grace the list of traditional jewelry making paraphernalia. Except if you’re Susan Hinton. Suz, for short, makes jewelry (and more), but not with the type of tools you …Read More »