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A Step Above: A Step Above – Jade Welton

Green Valley High School
Class of 2013

Life is full of change, and Green Valley High School Student Body President Jade Welton has found much success in new beginnings. After moving to Las Vegas from Arizona during her sophomore year, she took an active role in both student government and cheer, showing tremendous school spirit and a passion for leadership. Poised and self assured, with a positive outlook that never lets the little things get her down, she hopes to make this coming year the best one yet. It’s that kind of dedicated confidence that helps place Jade Welton – A Step Above.

G.P.A.: 4.2

Sports/Activities/Community Service

  • Varsity Cheer, 2009-12
  • Varsity Track, 2009-12
  • JV Tennis, 2009-10
  • Peoria Sea Turtles City Swim Team, 2010-11
  • Student Council, 2009-12
  • Class Committee, 2010-12
  • Class President: Freshman, 2009-10; Sophomore, 2010-11; Junior, 2011-12
  • Student Body President, 2012
  • Gator Haven Anti-Bullying Campaign, 2011-12
  • Relay for Life, 2009-10
  • Walk for Hope, 2011-12
  • JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, 2011-12


  • Academic Letter, 2009-10
  • Honor Roll, 2009-11
  • “Miss Versatile” (Cheer), 2010-11
  • Most Spirited (Cheer), 2011-12
  • Nominated for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), 2010-11
  • 6th in Region for High Jump (Track), 2011-12
  • 2nd in Region & 7th in State for 4 X 100m Relay (Track), 2011-12
  • 4th in Region for Advanced Show Cheer Division, 2011-12
  • 1st in Region for Intermediate Stunt Group Division (Cheer), 2011-12

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: “I am most proud of becoming Junior Class President and Student Body President right after moving to not only a brand new school, but a brand new state!  Becoming SBP has been a dream of mine since I was in 3rd grade. Now, I’m living my dream.”

Jade is Successful Because: “I have to say I am very driven. Things rarely get me down or make me upset. I just tend to look on the bright side of things, get through it, and look back and think about what I learned. Getting upset over things does not help the situation, you, or anyone else around you. I believe that life is too short to get upset over things.”

Improving Student Life: “I think that by including all of our clubs on campus in the events that happen at school, rather than just Student Council, more students will get the opportunity to be “behind the scenes” on school activities. By doing this, we will reach out to a larger variety of students, and we will be able to make it more enjoyable for everyone.”

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