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Where Are They Now?: Ashish Francis

Coronado High School
Class of 2005


Since graduation Ashish has studied medicine at the University of Nevada, traveled, found love and a home full of support and fun around his family. Not bad for just shy of a decade!  Along with four dogs, Ashish lives with his fiancé, Katie, right here in Henderson (wedding date set for May 2014). He found a true passion in the diversity, patient spectrum, versatility and volunteer opportunities available through plastic surgery and plans to become a part of the Southern Nevada medical community in the future.

Ashish Francis






Where are you currently living?

Henderson, NV                      

What field are you working in and how did you end up doing what you’re doing?

I am currently in my first year of Plastic Surgery training at University of Nevada School of Medicine Plastic Surgery residency in Las Vegas.  I found plastic surgery during the surgery portion of my third year medical school clerkships.  I loved the diversity, patient spectrum, and versatility as a surgeon the field allowed me, in addition to the future volunteer opportunities available as a plastic surgeon.

What achievements/recognitions are you most proud of since graduation?

Herz Gold Medal Recipient Spring 2009, Senior Scholar Spring 2009, University of Nevada-Reno Honor Court Inductee, Society of Thoracic Surgery Looking to the Future Scholar, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Society Inductee, University of Nevada School of Medicine Dean’s Scholar Award                                                                                                                     

Are you married? Children? Pets?

Currently engaged to Katie Lyons (wedding on May 3, 2014).  Between the two of us we have 4 amazing dogs: Lükas (German short-haired pointer), Mia (Australian cattle dog), Louie (Blood hound), Laila (Weimaraner).

How did growing up in Henderson/Las Vegas have an impact on the person you are today?

Henderson is where home is for me.  It is probably the biggest reason I chose to stay in the area for my residency training.  My fiancée and I both have strong ties to Nevada and hope to be a part of the southern Nevada medical community in the future.

Has your outlook on life and/or work changed since high school? If so, how?

I have had a chance to appreciate the things I once took for granted.  Being away from family for college really showed me the tremendous support they can be and the good times there are to be had with them as I grow up.  Medicine, through its various opportunities, has shown me how truly fortunate I am to be in such a great profession that touches others in many different ways.   Also, my travels to other countries have shown me that there is a brave new world out there, filled with exciting opportunities, adventures, and new cultures and people to meet! 

How did you feel when you were featured as A Step Above and what kind of feedback did you receive?

I was honored and humbled.  There was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from everyone around me.  It was a great piece and my parents still keep a copy of the magazine stashed away with their prized childhood possessions of my sister and myself.

Favorite Quote to Live By:

“Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live.” Ruth 1:16


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