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The Dangers Of Being Your Own Attorney

We have more friends when we are gone than when we’re alive: “Where’s my money”?

After thirty seven years of practicing law, I have learned that greed takes on many faces and it’s particularly strong when a loved one passes. Everyone comes out of the woodwork — the ones who have not called in years and the ones who never show up for holidays. Now, their tears are flowing, searching for a box of tissues. That is, until they find out they got nothing in the will or trust. Slowly, that greed makes its way toward hate. How could they? I remember the last scene in Grand Torino when they read Clint Eastwood’s will aloud. Those smiles sure turned to hate.

The sense of entitlement is a sad commentary on our world but it’s the truth. And, despite the uncomfortable possibilities, it’s most important that your desires be reflected properly in your will. Whatever you do, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. There are too many emotions and legal loopholes to contend with and when you’re dealing with hard earned assets, this is not the time to be frugal. Plus, you might be surprised at just how cost effective it is to have an experienced attorney prepare the documents you need to have your wishes executed properly.  If you want to make sure someone who has shown you the right level of love and respect is given their due, then get it right from the beginning with the proper testamentary documents.

The True Story of Mabel:

A while back, let’s call her “Mabel” came into to my office. I couldn’t help but think to never judge a book by its cover. She’s hauling a large handbag with files flowing out on all sides. Files with writing on the outside that read like a round the world trip. Good old Mabel! “OK my dear, how can I help you”? This is when the tears started flowing. “I have three children but only one has spent any time with me over the years. She visits, calls every day and makes me feel loved. As for my other two, I don’t know what happened. My husband and I worked hard and felt we raised them with lots of love. My heart aches but I also feel angry. What am I to do”?

I started reviewing her assets and realized this sweet, hard working woman acquired over a million dollars of assets in her lifetime. But at the end of the day, she would have given it all away to have the love of her three children. Needless to say, I did my best to provide comfort while reviewing her needs and asking some very sensitive questions. The time passed and I gave her some ideas on the best way to handle her wishes. I told her to hold onto the hope that things may change but in the meantime, to get her trust completed with the understanding anything can be altered if needed. The heart of a mother always wants the best for her children, even with heartache.

So here’s my advice:  First and foremost, don’t engage in trying to prepare these final documents online or through other non-legal services.  Listening to my clients needs with full attention cannot be substituted with a computer.  Think enough of yourself and your family to do it right. At Massi & Massi Attorneys at law, we care for each and every one of our clients and give them the personal attention they deserve. We’re a family run firm through and through. There are a lot of good, strong families out there. But no matter how good your family feels today, just know that things can always change. When you come in for an affordable consultation, we’ll apply that toward the total cost if we’re hired. If you have questions about wills, trusts or probate and which is best for you and your family, schedule a phone or in-office consultation with us today by calling 702-870-1100.

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