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A Step Above: Caroline Bellamy

Caroline Bellamy

Coronado High School

Class of 2020 

Coronado High School senior Caroline Bellamy has two loves: horseback riding and yearbook, and she excels at them both through no shortage of passion and effort. Each comes with its own set of challenges, and while she knows that perfection doesn’t exist, she won’t stop striving to attain it. “I have ridden so many rounds at competitions and done so many pages in the yearbook and none of them have been perfect,” she says. “There have always been flaws.” But when the going gets tough, she’s learned that the best course of action is to power through knowing that it will always be better on the other side. Kind, helpful and highly self-motivated, Caroline Bellamy is– A Step Above.

G.P.A.: 4.67


  • Competitive Horseback Riding, 2012-Present 
  • CHS Advanced Placement Academy, 2016-Present
  • Coronado Yearbook­ “The Prowl” Staff Member, 2016-2018; Co-Sports Editor, 2018-2019; Co- Editor in Chief, 2019
  • The School of the New York Times–Writing the Big City, 2017
  • The School of the New York Times–Screenwriting and DIY Filmmaking, 2018
  • JEA/NSPA High School National Convention, San Francisco, 2018
  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Spring Convention, 2019
  • Jostens San Diego National Workshop, 2018 & 2019
  • City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Kids Zone Recreation Assistant, 2019

Awards/Community Service:

  • Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association .70 Jumper Division Year End Champion, 2016
  • Camelot Horse Shows–Autumn Classic Jumper Stake Champion, 2018
  • Camelot Horse Shows–Autumn Classic 1.00 M Jumper Division Champion, 2018
  • Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association KMC Hunter Derby Perpetual Trophy, 2018
  • United States Equestrian Varsity Letter, 2016-2019
  • Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund/United States Hunter Jumper Association Emerging Athlete Program, 2019      
  • Southern Nevada Society of Journalists–Excellent Chronological Spread, 2017
  • AP Scholar with Honor, 2019
  • Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas, 2019

You went right onto the yearbook staff freshman year and haven’t looked back. What is so special to you about yearbook? “It has forced me to go way out of my comfort zone and become a much more confident and stronger person, as well as a stronger leader. Yearbook has allowed me to really become involved and has taught me so many communication skills, as well as strengthened my English and grammar skills.” 

How has competitive horseback riding shaped the person you are today? “I think that, as a whole, horseback riding has really strengthened me as a person and taught me countless lessons over the years. Every time I get on a horse, I have to exercise trust with the animal, as well as confidence and leadership. I have had to learn how to manage my fears and nerves, and learn how to not only listen to criticism, but also internalize it and use it to make me a better rider.”

You’re proud of the relationship you’ve built with your horse, Lulu. What goes into that? “Horses are not always easy to ride, especially my horse. It’s something that I have been working on since I was very little. Building a high level of trust with a horse takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not something that just clicks; it’s a long and buildable process. But she has taught me that every time I power through a really hard lesson or even a hard month, I always come out a stronger rider and person, and we become a better team.” 

Why did you choose to work with Hearts Alive Village cat and dog rescue? “I do it because I love animals, as can be seen with my commitment to the horses. It gives me the chance to go and spend time with all these amazing animals and to help them adjust to new lives with kind and caring people so that they can find their forever home and live a very happy life.” 

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