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Tell us about: Don’t Let Your Children Fall Behind: Are you aware of Brain Exercise?

The Sapience is the first brain development and learning center of its kind, starting an education revolution right here in Nevada. Their mission is to provide every child with the opportunity to become a Champion. The Sapience has established unique brain development curriculums that are matchless in preparing children for personal and work life success. We asked the founders about their program and how it can get our children on the right path for a triumphant future.

What was the inspiration for opening the Sapience?

We, as parents, had two very specific experiences that left us wanting more for our children.

  • Arushi, our founder’s daughter, watched a televised mental math competition on T.V. where the children participating were displaying the ability to solve long equations all in their head as if they were human calculators! Arushi, a student at Palo Verde Highschool, explained to her mother that she felt that the children that participated in such competitions must be born with natural calculation abilities. Arushis mother and Sapeince founder, Puja Chamaria knew that brain exercise was the key for these children as it is commonly practice in academically high functioning societies. Working with world-class mental math professors Puja developed an unmatched brain exercise curriculum which her daughter has now been going participating in for the last five months. The benefits have exceeded expectations as her daughter has realized improvement in all subjects and is even consistently scoring 95%+ in all her subjects.
  • Attempting to enroll my 9-year-old for tutoring was a painful process; most tutoring centers don’t provide help on all subjects, so in order to get him the help he needed, I had to travel throughout the city to multiple centers throughout the day. There was no transparency to my sons progress at centers like Kumon; They have no tools for parents measure if their tutoring program was worth investing our time and money.

What is brain exercise and why is it important?

Brain exercise happens by intensely stimulating the left and right hemisphere of the brain simultaneously. This is extremely important for children as it significantly improves concentration, memorization and IQ which ultimately helps children become faster and more effective learners, both academically and practically, throughout their lifetime. 

How are you creating the education revolution?

The education revolution is about evolving and supplementing current traditional youth education by ensuring “brain exercise” becomes an everyday part of life for children across America. The top tier of academic success should not simply be reserved for children born with advanced abilities; with the Sapience brain exercise program, every child has the opportunity to be a Champion in life; our mission is to drive awareness and ensure every parent knows how brain exercise can benefit their child.

How does Sapience tutoring vary from other traditional tutoring centers like Kumon?

There are a few key differences that makes Sapience more effective in not only educating children but in also enhancing their learning ability

  • One is the quality of our certified tutors and their increased ability to keep kids engaged. Other programs, like Kumon, are seemingly designed to disengage students. They make children repeat a lot of the information they already know which destroys the childrens interest in academics, and this is where you officially lose the childs attention which inhibits their learning potential.
  • We create an on-purpose non-distracted environment with 1 to 1 tutoring for all children. Most tutoring centers have 1 tutor for multiple children which can be distracting for both the tutors & students
  • We also offer extreme transparency like no other center, this is supported by our open door tutor/parent policy and our online web application.
  • Sapience is driving for the opportunity of IQ equality for Children throughout America. Sapience works with reputable businesses/individuals are dedicated to providing free memberships to less fortunate children; in addition, they offer the program as a reward for academic excellence
  • Finally, we are the only center that focuses on genuine ability improvement with our brain exercise courses. This will be the key that drives success in all other academic areas. Unlike most other tutoring companies that only offer support for one or two subjects, Sapience is devoted to brain exercise, tutoring, homework help, and other STEM and technology programs for all subjects and all grades.

How can parents get their children involved?

Enroll for a free brain exercise class today! In this class you and your child will learn all about the course structure, the benefits, and go through some exercises with our coaches & tutors. For more information, visit


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