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Tell us about: Dr. Crovetti Dedicated to “Getting it Right”​

Perhaps the most important stock in trade for a local business is “trust” … especially when that business is to care for your health. After all, trusting that your doctor will do what’s best for you is a lot more important than how you feel about your car salesman.

It’s a long and dedicated road to gain that patient trust and build a great reputation – one that takes real care and compassionate medical expertise. That’s precisely the road that Dr. Mike Crovetti of Crovetti Orthopaedics has been on for the past 20 years. There were certainly bumps along that road created by the economic crash. But in true Crovetti fashion, he found a unique way to solve those problems – and it was one borne directly from his desire to serve his patients even better.

“When I came to Las Vegas in the late 90’s and settled in Henderson to build my orthopaedic practice, the first few years went well. At least they did – right up until a Friday afternoon in late 2008, when I was told Silver State Bank was taken over by the Feds and we lost ‘just’ about everything.”

The Silver State Bank seizure created a hardship for many in Las Vegas who lost all their money, just as Crovetti did. But it also created another dilemma for him – he also lost the balance of the construction financing for the building Crovetti Ortho is now in, that wasn’t completed at the time. To say the least, this was all a shock at first. But then it became a challenge to Dr. Crovetti to find the right solution. And when he did, he worked even harder to make it happen.

“The first thing I did was to let my staff know that no one was being let go. We’d work our way through this, and there might not be any raises for a couple years, but we were staying together as a team.

The second thing I did to save the building was to lease out the entire thing,” he explains. “But with all the financing gone, I had to make one more effort to get the money to finish it. So, I went to another bank and was able to get what was going to be my last-chance loan.”

It took everything he had to make it happen, and it wasn’t overnight. In fact, it took nearly two years to come up with the idea that would end up not only saving the building and his practice – but also innovated the entire recovery method for his patients. It’s a solution that has now taken hold in cities around the country, and Dr. Crovetti pioneered it here in Nevada: The Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites.

There was still a lot of work to be done,” he reveals. “But we had a plan, and I saw it through. Now, our patients get to enjoy the benefits of our recovery suites, some so much that they tell us they don’t want to leave,” he laughs. “That’s music to our ears here, because nothing matters as much as our patients’ getting ‘back in their game.’”

These days, with the addition of two new doctors at Crovetti Ortho – Dr. Caleb Pinegar and Dr. Tomas Kucera – Crovetti has the chance to take a little more time to enjoy life, and cut down on what used to be an 18-hour workday.

“I’m getting to spend more time with my wife, Karen, doing things we’ve always planned on doing – being with friends and travelling. And even though we’re empty-nesters now – with all three kids attending college and/or medical school in Texas – we spend a lot of our time visiting the Lone Star State to see them.

“I got to take my first real, two-week vacation in over 16 years recently, and since then we’ve taken some other amazing trips to places we always wanted to visit, including trips to wine country in California, as I’m a real wine lover.”

Even with all that, Mike and Karen still take time to be involved with local charities, including the Juvenile Diabetes, Metro Police, and VGK Foundations, along with Three Square, and the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Altogether, it makes for a much more balanced and happy life, and one that allows Crovetti to give even more to his patients than he has for the past two decades. Given the sterling reputation he’s gained during that time, it surely seems that he’s got the right formula down to ensure patient satisfaction.

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