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Laka Manicure Express

For the busy woman on the go, a quick and fashionable manicure seems hard to find, but that’s exactly what Laka Manicure Express provides. The leading Israeli express manicure chain, Laka can get your nails looking sharp and colorful in just fifteen minutes at their dynamic nail bar located at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets near the Nike Store. Choose from over 150 fashionable shades with an ever changing collection that matches the latest trends. There’s no appointment or special trip required; you can take care of your nails in the middle of your shopping day. Of course, you can still spoil yourself with their extra options such as hand massages or anti-aging treatments. Get your nails looking great and get on with your life thanks to Laka Manicure Express.

270-0327  /  7400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.  /  www.lakamanicure.com

Nine and a Half Months

Expectant mothers looking for quality maternity wear in Las Vegas have a great new place to turn with Nine and a Half Months, the only comprehensive retailer of all things maternity. Now open in Henderson, Nine and a Half Months will showcase the most popular and effective products on the market with designer clothing lines that are difficult to find in the Las Vegas area, including Ripe Maternity, Maternal America and Japanese Weekend. A wide range of other maternity products will also be available, such as personal skin care products, books and magazines, supplements, gift boxes and more. The store also plans to hold special events in the future that will include maternity focused speakers, wellness education and yoga classes. Discover a friendly and unique maternity shopping experience at Nine and a Half Months.

749-7174  /  10880 S. Eastern Ave.  /  www.nineandahalfmonths.com

Shabu Grill

You may not be familiar with doing dinner Shabu Shabu style, but you can discover this fun and unique phenomenon for yourself at Shabu Grill, recently re-opened under new management. Shabu Shabu is the Japanese art of cooking thinly sliced meat, seafood or vegetables in a boiling broth, followed by dipping in a mouth-watering sauce. You get to be the chef and help prepare your meal any way you like it! Choose from signature sauces that include Sa Cha Sauce, Wasabi Sauce, and Peanut Sauce. If you want something more traditional, Shabu Grill also offers Asian barbecue, bento boxes for lunch, noodles, curries, salads, and other delectable specialties. For a new take on dining with a distinctive Asian flair, dip into a fresh experience at Shabu Grill.

998-7606  /  1263 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd., #106-108  /  www.shabugrill.com


Dip Sticks Dessert Pops Bakery

If you’ve never had a Snickers stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie pop, get yourself over to Dip Sticks Dessert Pops Bakery and indulge yourself. Located in Green Valley Town Square between Smith’s and Barley’s Casino and Brewing Co., this darling new bakery is filled with innovative treats such as cookie pops and cake pops, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients. In addition to classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, Dip Sticks stretches their creativity with interesting, adventurous tastes such as peanut butter buckeye, peach cobbler, maple bacon, and a variety of alcohol infused flavors. You can even have your dessert delivered within a five mile radius. “Pop” in and satisfy your sweet tooth at Dip Sticks Dessert Pops Bakery.

818-4442  /  4500 E. Sunset Rd., #14  /  www.dipsticksbakery.com

BNB Scooters

Want to find high quality parts and accessories for your custom pro scooter? BNB Scooters has the best selection for everything you need at competitive prices. As the first scooter shop serving the greater Las Vegas and Henderson area, BNB offers all the latest brands such as Fasen, Envy, Lucky, Proto and more. Their scooter technicians will make sure you find the perfect parts and accessories to get your scooter assembled or repaired to your specifications. Whether you’re a beginner looking for the best way to start out or a seasoned pro rider nurturing your lifelong passion, they’ve got all your scooter needs covered. Shop in store or online today and let BNB Scooters get you rolling out the door for a fun ride that you’ll never forget.

431-8202  /  9272 Tamarus Ave., #125  /  www.bnbscooters.com

Bouari Clinic

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to tackle some of those pesky resolutions. If losing weight is your big goal for 2013, the experts at Bouari Clinic can help. With a plan that doesn’t obsess over counting calories and features a wide range of all natural supplements, they’ll strive to get you on a path toward wellness that doesn’t require surgery and puts the focus on nutrition. You can also discover many additional services to help you feel revitalized, from Hormone Replacement Therapy to help reduce the risks of age related disease to the Viora Reaction system, which uses radio frequency energy and vacuum therapy to get your skin looking its best. Lose weight, feel great and look brand new with help from Bouari Clinic.

312-1101  /  9555 S. Eastern Ave., #270  /  www.bouariclinic.com


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