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Meet Your Neighbor: Jim Brock

How long have you had your computer?  According to the folks at the Encyclopedia of Earth, the average life expectancy of a desktop today is around 3-5 years, depending on use, and the amount of computer waste increases annually as electronic systems play a progressively more important role in all aspects of technology. So, the question arises, what exactly should you do with your old computer? Resident Jim Brock has the answer: give it to him.  More specifically, give it to Computers4Cause, Brock’s nonprofit organization, which fixes computers, wipes the hard drives and restores factory settings in order to give them to those in need.

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By: Callie Thomas

Brock knows a thing or two about computers. He “officially” retired at the age of 38 after selling one of his telecommunications businesses to Nextel.  Being too young and restless to settle into retirement, he started Simple Computer Repair to fill a void in the marketplace.  He created a neighborhood repair store dedicated to three principals:  No speculation, no opinions and no geek speak – just a flat rate repair model with a free diagnosis.  By creating an alternative to the big box stores, Brock put himself in direct contact with the community and has provided a real service for individuals and neighboring businesses.  Through his simple repair business he recognized the need to provide technology to individuals, businesses and charitable organizations who couldn’t afford it, but also to help customers who just didn’t know what to do with their old models. With microchip development becoming so rapid, users are able to purchase computers that are twice as powerful at the same price as those currently available about every 18-months, hence, a more rapid turnover of used computers.  Brock talks about creating Computers4Cause and how it’s making a difference.

Tell us about Computers4Cause and how it helps others.

“I founded our nonprofit organization in 2010 out of market demand.  We heard it continually, ‘Is there anywhere I can donate my old computer?’ We heard it so often, I thought, why not do something good for the community?  So now we fix up and recycle working desktops, laptops, keyboards, flat screen monitors and mice by wiping the hard drives and giving them to people and organizations in need.”


Any experiences through Computers4Cause you’d like to share?

“I’ve seen people cry when we give them a computer.  It’s very rewarding when the mom, dad and kids come in so excited and they’re hugging you because they’re so happy.  Often it can mean the difference between employment and unemployment for them.”

How can people or organizations apply for computers?

“If you or someone you know is in need, you can fill out an application on our website (www.computers4cause.com) and apply.  Applications can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered.”

What does giving back to the community mean to you?

“Everything.  I’m blessed to be in a position to help.  Other than raising my kids Stephanie and James, it’s the most rewarding thing I do.  I’d hope someone would do the same for me if the tables were turned.”

What do you think makes you successful?

“Fear of failure and a narrow focus.”

Of all your accomplishments, what are you most proud to have achieved?

“Being a father…to my kids and to many successful businesses I have founded.”

Any life inspirations or a favorite quote that you’d like to share with others?

“That would be a quote by Napoleon Hill:  What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” 

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