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For the Love of Food: Martinis & Munchies – Festive Food and Drink for the Holiday Season

Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller
Art Director: Kristi Stephenson
Photographer: Dave Smith

‘Tis the season for entertaining, and whether you’re planning a small family gathering or a spirited bash for a bunch, festive appetizers and drinks are sure to be the hit of the evening. Still, while we all wish to treat our guests to extraordinary delights that knock their Santa stockings off, busy schedules can leave even the most organized party planner feeling stressed when the clock strikes party time.


Maintain your holiday “cool” by choosing a casual atmosphere that welcomes roaming conversation and doesn’t tie your guests to a dinner table.  Food choices should shun the fork and be easily eaten in a single bite or two, allowing partygoers to effortlessly navigate the room while holding a small plate and martini glass.  Choose a drink option that can be made up in large quantities and served in a crystal punch bowl or fancy water dispenser with spigot to encourage self service.  Keep your libation cold but not watered down by making ice cubes with a complimentary juice or champagne, stocking extra portions of both the punch and cubes in easy to pour Tupperware containers that fit in the freezer.  Finally, create a condiment area with limes and sugar for glass rimming, as well as colorful fruit skewers for garnishing. It’s a simple detail that adds panache with little effort.

We’ve put together some delicious party munchies and martinis that will impress the guest without stressing the hostess.  They’re easy to prepare ahead of time, elegant on the plate and most importantly will allow you to enjoy this special time of year with family and friends. Happy Holidays!

Print and Save the Recipes Below! 

Zucchini and Potato Latkes
Bellini Martini

Pear and Pancetta Crisps
Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Bacon-wrapped Cherry Peppers
Cranberry Tequila Martini

Maple Glazed Nut Mix
Gingerbread Martini

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