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Making a Difference: Michaela Perry’s Silver Award

Whoever deemed silver second best must not have been familiar with the charitable endeavors of the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada. The organization’s coveted Silver Award calls young scouts to harness their own leadership skills and test their dedication to the community.


Michaela Perry, a 12-year-old Girl Scout, stepped up to this challenge by organizing a water drive.  After collecting more than 15,000 bottles of water to give to the homeless, she arranged not only the water’s temporary storage, but also its eventual distribution by the Water for Life ministry of Community Lutheran Church.  Because of Michaela’s heart and hard work, countless people in need will find an oasis amidst Las Vegas’ intense summer heat. 

One of the greatest achievements for girls scouts grades six through eight, winning the Silver Award is no small task. It requires time and devotion, planning and action.  Scouts like Michaela who seek to earn the prestigious award are required to develop their own plan for the community and see it through, all the way to its dynamic conclusion. The result is nothing short of remarkable, and in our book, it’s as good as gold. To learn more about Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada and The Silver Award, visit



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