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For the Love of Food: Sunshine, Sandwiches and Snacks

Food for Picnic Perfect Fun.
Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller
Art Director: Kristi Stephenson
Photographer: Dave Smith

Unlike many parts of the country where the ground’s still solid with frost and winter wardrobes have yet to be packed away for the season, we Las Vegans are spoiled with beautiful weather in the early months of spring.  Moderate temperatures and sunny days beckon us outdoors, where fun in the sun can be had in all areas of the valley from Lake Mead to Spring Mountain Ranch, to the more desolate trails and slot canyons that dot our horizon.  No matter where you choose to bask in nature’s glory, bringing along a picnic lunch can take your outing to a whole new level.  Easy to prepare and tote food items are key, with an emphasis on choosing recipes that will hold up during your travels, while remaining both safe and tasty to consume. 


When considering food safety for al fresco dining, a few simple tips apply: 

  • Refrain from using mayonnaise based salads or spreads, choosing healthier and more spoil resistant options including olive oil, mustard, pesto and hummus or vegetable based dips instead. 
  • When packing your cooler, institute the 75-25 rule.  Fill your ice chest with 25% ice (preferably larger chunks that can be frozen in milk carton containers and won’t melt as quickly as smaller cubes), and 75% food.  Place ice on the bottom and sides of the cooler, positioning the heaviest and most perishable items on top of the ice then filling in the remaining spaces with lighter items. 
  • Finally, protect your cooler from impeding heat by placing it in a shady spot upon arrival.  Even though it’s only spring, your ice chest can get quite hot if not protected from the sunny rays of the desert, making ice melt quicker and food warmer sooner.

We’ve got some amazing recipes for your next picnic adventure. They’re easy to prepare, travel well and are sure to satisfy a hungry crowd with discriminating taste.  From tasty pressed sandwiches or berry cobbler in a jar, to an absolutely mind blowing edamame “guacamole” dip, you’re sure to make any outing picnic perfect fun!

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