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For the Love of Food: Touchdown Tailgating…

Fan Food for Football Fun

The pigskin has arrived!  It’s time to kick off a party that will have your friends and family cheering not only for the home team, but some good eats as well. Although we have few opportunities for traditional, parking lot celebrations, that doesn’t mean you can’t tailgate in your own backyard.  It’s all about gathering your biggest fans for fun, food and a little pre-game cheer, regardless of where you set up camp.


Whether you plan a get-together at Sam Boyd Stadium or keep your party closer to home, thinking out the details ahead of time will make for a relaxed event that even the host or hostess can enjoy.  Mix and marinate meats in a single zip lock bag that won’t take up valuable space in the cooler or refrigerator. Save room in your ice chest by freezing water in recycled water bottles.  They’ll keep items fresh and cold without the mess of melting ice that can make things soggy. Precook side dishes and appetizers, placing them in aluminum foil pouches that work perfectly for grill top reheating. Prepare chili or hot dips and keep them warm in the Crockpot. Consider purchasing a propane version like the one manufactured by Coleman and available at REI.com for around $80. It works just like a normal slow cooker, but without the need for electricity. Finally, round up all the comforts of home, including utensils, plates, paper towels, moist towelettes, trash bags, a radio or battery operated TV, decorative flags and decorations and more, packing them into a single, portable plastic bin.  You’ll know you have everything you need, and it won’t take an army to transport it.

Click below to download and print the recipes:

Hula Sliders
Linebacker Crunch
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Poppers
MooOink Balls

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