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Meet The Neighbor – Dr. Todd Newton, DDS, Dr. Robert Nisson, DDS, Dr. Corry Timpson, DDS

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By Callie Thomas

You’ve probably heard of the term “band of brothers” used to refer to those that have shared a camaraderie and kinship while serving together in the military. Residents Doctors Nisson, Timpson and Newton have created a band of dentists that are committed to paying homage to the veterans in our community while also initiating a special program called Freedom Fridays that provides unemployed vets in the greater Las Vegas area with free dental services.

Dentists DS1D3505F

Warm Springs Dental was established in 1990 by Dr. Nisson. After the practice began to grow, Nisson convinced his dental school roommate Dr. Timpson to join him. Soon the small office was overwhelmed with patients seeking treatment, during which time Dr. Newton joined the practice. In just a few short months, it was clear that the team of three dentists and their staff needed a bigger office, so the practice was developed at Warm Springs and Stephanie across from Green Valley High School. In 2002, the three dentists joined forces again to open a second (satellite) location called Anthem Village Dental, located in the Vons center of the Anthem community.

Since the doctors have enjoyed the support of the Henderson and Las Vegas communities for the past twenty-two years, they decided to give back in a way that shows their appreciation for the men and women that fought for our freedom, particularly in these tough economic times.  This band of dentists understands that tough times can be even harder for veterans who have fought for our country and been unable to find consistent employment to support themselves and/or their families after returning home. The doctors talk about the Freedom Fridays program that provides comprehensive dental care to vets and about their own lives and aspirations.

Tell us about Freedom Fridays and why it’s such an important program.

Dr. Newton: “Warm Springs Dental and the specialists and contributors of the program provide highly detailed and comprehensive treatment without restrictions of cost and barriers of insurance to a growing number of vets in the area.”

Dr. Timpson: “Treating our unemployed veterans shows our gratitude and appreciation for our vets and their service to our country.”

Dr. Nisson: “The program offers a luxury that many vets can’t afford, which affects their health and self confidence. It also affects their ability to get back into the workplace. Your smile plays an important role in that process.”

How do vets get into the program?

Dr. Newton: “Vets living in Clark County, Nevada who are unemployed and in need of dental care should contact Angela Alegna at American Helping Heroes or Karen Lewis at the Las Vegas Urban League. You must qualify through one of these two organizations to get into the program. Visit for additional information.”

What does giving back mean to you?

Dr. Nisson: “We, along with our staff, give up our Fridays to do this pro bono work. It’s a great feeling and makes us less selfish. We all need to realize the importance of giving back.”

Dr. Timpson: “I was never in the military, but Freedom Friday gives me a sense of giving back to our country a little.”

Dr. Newton: “My personal reward is attached to the deep emotions provided as I sit with a deserving vet and become aware that we are both fighting back the impulse to simply let the tears fall. If the reward is measured in goose bumps, I have been paid in millions.”

Any personal aspirations?

Dr. Nisson: “Provide dental services to third world countries!”

Dr. Newton: “Expand Freedom Fridays to cities across the United States.”

How do you relax after a busy day?

Dr. Timpson: “I do yard work at my home. That’s where I do my best thinking. I also enjoy spending time with my family.”

Dr. Nisson: “I’m home with my wife and family, playing with the kids. I also like to fix things.”

Dr. Newton: “Stop moving for ten minutes, then work out. Otherwise, enjoying my USC season football tickets.”



Meet The Neighbor – Lydia Ball

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By Callie Thomas

There’s no doubt that energy is a powerful thing. Whether it’s the energy you put toward building and maintaining relationships, pursuing a life goal or career, or motivating yourself to stay fit, energy is a vital resource for life. In its purest and simplest form, energy touches our lives daily by creating light, powering our cars and keeping us cool. 89144 resident Lydia Ball is excited about energy every day, particularly as she is currently the Executive Director of Clean Energy Project (CEP), where she gets to talk about energy and energy policy on a daily basis.

Lydia Ball DS1D0821F

It takes a very compassionate person to not only consider the complexities of our dependency on energy but also to try and maintain a healthy environment. It takes a passionate person such as Lydia, whose interests are rooted in engaging and educating the public and working within local, state and federal policies to create a balance between the private sector and government. By combining her knowledge and her continuing efforts with CEP, she is making a difference in each of our lives.

Originally from the Midwest, Lydia is now a twelve year local resident who is dedicated to improving the community she is proud to call home and where much of her life has been formed. Ball has fallen in love with Las Vegas for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s where she fell in love with her husband, who incidentally works as a Project Manager at Bombard Renewable Energy. It is also where she has become part of a group that continues to influence change such as investing in natural resources over fossil fuel. Lydia spoke with us about the efforts of CEP, maintaining a healthy balance between work and family and why getting outdoors and working out is her antidote for life’s challenges.

What is the goal of CEP?

“The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization instills a clean energy economy through education and engagement with policy leaders, community leaders and citizens on the economic benefits of developing clean energy.”

What is your role with the organization?

“As Executive Director, I assist in establishing and implementing our strategic goals, act as a spokesperson to media and conduct education and outreach to regional, state and local policy makers and support the progression of the group’s mission.”

What motivates you to help and serve the community?

“I believe I’ve always had a service-based value system. As early as ten years old, I volunteered as a coach to Special Olympics teams and have always looked for ways to have fun by helping people.”

You also worked for Senator Reid’s office?

“Yes. There I learned how the balance between government and the private sector reduces risk for business and helps stabilize our economic growth. I don’t think government is the answer to our problems, but it has an important role to play with new economies that allow business and the environment to work hand in hand.”

It is easy to see your passion for the work.

“I love talking about energy. It has taught me to embrace my inner nerd. And yes, my husband and I talk about energy at dinner all the time!”

What accomplishments are you most proud to have achieved?

“Nothing I do is in a vacuum. My accomplishments are the result of the enormous support of my husband, family and community. In the last six years, Nevada has not only made the choice to not build three large coal plants but has also been ground zero for clean energy technologies projects.”

How do you unwind after a busy day?

“Having fun in life has always been my priority. I love spending time at home with my husband and dog, and I enjoy being outdoors. Whether I’m hiking, biking, walking with my dog or at a yoga class, it always brings me back to center.”

What do you think makes you successful?

“I honestly enjoy what I do, so it is easy for me to work hard, and I am driven to education and learning every day.”

Meet The Neighbor – Colleen P. Page

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 By Callie Thomas

When’s the last time you spent “quality time” with your spouse, your children, brother, sister or friends? Was it somewhere between picking up dinner on the road, dropping the kids off to practice or coming home after ten hours of meetings and deadlines? This is probably why “quality time” has become so precious—and necessary. 89135 resident Colleen Page has figured out a way to spend important time with her family and still make a difference in the community. Does that make her a magician? Probably not, but she is pretty smart.

Colleen Page DS1D0736F

The stay at home mom of two has made a point to become involved with not one but two charity leagues that ensure one-on-one time with her son Christopher, age 16, and daughter Shannon, age 14. Meanwhile, local charities reap the rewards of much needed support from the mother-son and mother-daughter duos.

For the past two years, Page and her son have been involved with the Young Men’s Service League (YMSL), where mothers and sons volunteer and serve at various philanthropies in Vegas. She is currently the VP-Elect Philanthropy with the organization. Page is also involved with the National Charity League (NCL), where she and her daughter also assist a long list of local nonprofit organizations such as the Animal Foundation, for which Page serves as the NCL Liaison. Each of these alliances has had a huge impact on the quality of time and the immeasurable rewards attained by the Page family as part of these groups. Organizations that are served through the League and YMSL include Joy Prom, Opportunity Village, Shade Tree, Baby’s Bounty, Child Haven, CCSD, Three Square, Golden Retriever Rescue and many more.

Colleen Page gives us a glimpse into her everyday life, tells us why Las Vegas is so special and talks about instilling community awareness and service in her children.

What did you set out to accomplish by being a part of these organizations?

“I really believe giving back to the community should just be an extension of yourself every day. I’m proud of my family and having my children see and learn about things outside of their Summerlin community.”

What is the mission of the leagues?

“Both organizations are focused on serving and supporting those in need as well as fostering relationships between mothers and their children. At YMSL, each mother-son team is required to serve at least twenty hours of community service in support of approved philanthropies each year. The vision of the NCL group is to develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities as a result of building strong mother-daughter relationships.”

You must have some profound experiences working with the charities.

“My son and I volunteered with YMSL for Joy Prom. This is a full scale prom for disabled children and adults. The event is put on entirely by volunteers. The boys are hosts and are paired with a disabled person. They do an amazing job making someone feel special and important for the night, and sometimes that is a hard thing to teach and learn. My son and I will always remember this special night.”

What is a typical Saturday like around your house?

Taking the kids to their various activities, going to the movies at Red Rock, my husband making salmon from a Page family recipe I love, or eating out with friends.”

Why is Las Vegas so special to you?

“About twenty years ago, my husband and I went to Hawaii and then Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We were here and witnessed the implosion of the Dunes. It was amazing and I remember thinking what a great city this was… but I never thought we would be raising a family here. It has been a wonderful city.”

What does giving back mean to you?

“Most days, everyone is so busy running around with work, kids, sports, etc. that it’s hard to stop and remember the simple things in life. Being involved in these organizations helps me find balance, and I hope my children are learning from this entire experience.”



Meet The Neighbor – Katherine S. Foley

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 By Callie Thomas

It’s been said that home is where the heart is but for resident Katherine Foley, it’s also about finding  the perfect home for Nevada house hunters. Falling into a career in real estate was as easy as breathing for the long time resident. Her passion for homes and home building started in high school, working for her father, who was the owner of Security Housing Corporation. During college, she sold real estate for his Northern Nevada Division of the company and also worked for the Northern Nevada Home Builders Association while attending and later graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a B.S. in Business Administration. She eventually became Executive Vice President for Christopher Homes, a position she held for more than twenty years, and currently still handles sales at their Boulder Ridge community at The Ridges in Summerlin.

Kathy Foley DS1D0844F

Today, she is the President and Broker for The Foley Group, a real estate firm that works with both new and resale homes in the valley. While she enjoys helping others attain their very first or forever home, she also enjoys spending time in her own abode with husband Mark and their children Jack and Rogina, along with their two golden retrievers. Her two furry residents have been the catalyst for another passion—saving and protecting animals in need throughout the community.

Foley is on the Executive Board for the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Nevada SPCA). The organization operates a no-kill animal sanctuary, promotes humane education and serves as an advocate for the companion animals in their care. There is no “time limit” for the animals in residence at the Nevada SPCA, and they are welcome until they find their forever new home. She supports the group by being involved in a number of initiatives to raise awareness and funding, including specialty-themed events. Katherine Foley talks about her efforts with the Nevada SPCA and her commitment to giving back to the community she loves.

What drew you to the Nevada SPCA?

“I have always been a dog lover and enjoy the unconditional love my two golden retrievers provide and they are a part of our family and very special to me. I’ve also met some amazing people by being involved with this organization, from the other board members, the Executive Director, the Honorary Board members, staff at the shelter and volunteers. They all genuinely care about animals and their well being.”

Tell us about some of the SPCA events you have helped to create and support.

“We put on some fabulous events such as our annual Animals in Wonderland Champagne & High Tea, which featured a red carpet/silent auction with local celebrities in attendance and live musical performances. Our most recent Funny Bones Comedy Show at the Orleans this past June was a giant success. An amazing line up of comedians assembled by the legendary Sammy Shore included Rich Little, Tony Orlando, Amazing Jonathan & Psychic Tanya, Zowie Bowie and so many more.”

Why is it important to you to give back to the community?

“This community has been very good to me and to my family. I believe if you give you will continue to receive and help the less fortunate.”

What accomplishments are you most proud to have achieved?

“Being a good mother to my children and watching them grow into young adults.”

What do you think makes you successful?

“Who I am, how I was raised, and who I share my life with makes all the difference. I am a very fortunate person but have also worked very hard to achieve my success. I think character, honesty and passion are equally important.”

Meet the Neighbor – Trey Louis Noran

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By Callie Thomas

“Love isn’t an emotion or an instinct – it’s an art.” – Mae West

The American Film Institute listed Mae West fifteenth among the greatest female stars of all time. The actress, singer, playwright and screenwriter made a name for herself in vaudeville and became best known for her bawdy double entendres. While West may have had less than pure thoughts behind the quote above, it is certain that her godson, 89117 resident Trey Louis Noran, has taken the art of love for helping others to another level.

Trey Noran DS1D0789F

Noran may have followed his godmother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry by landing small acting and commercial parts, singing backup vocals and traveling between Las Vegas and Hollywood, but he also knew a thing or two about lending a hand to those in need.

Born Louis Anthony Olguin to parents Gloria and Louis Olguin in Denver, Colorado, he spent his first years in west Denver, an area known for despair. His widowed mother eventually placed him in a private boys school called Clayton College for Boys, and he later graduated from Rose Ministry. His passion for helping the homeless led to creating a nonprofit organization called His Love Street to provide those on the streets with food, clothing, shelter, education, career development and health care. Noran moved to the community last year when he saw that the needs were sadly twice as prevalent in Las Vegas. His Love Street – Nevada was born, and Noran has already amassed several events with local media and those in the entertainment field to help change things for the better here in Nevada.

Noran is not only raising funds to help the immediate needs of the local homeless population, but also to realize a dream of developing a homeless hotel in Nevada. He talks with us about those aspirations and his passion for making a difference.

What is the mission of His Love Street?

“I started the nonprofit organization to transform our inner city and the lives of those facing homelessness, poverty and hopelessness. I believe together, as a community, we can end chronic homelessness and reduce the number of people on the streets in Las Vegas.”

Meeting so many in need, you must have many memorable experiences.

“Seeing so many homeless people in Vegas and learning that they are living under the city in sewers has been difficult, but knowing we’ll be able to make a huge difference has made a significant impression on me.”

How are you currently raising funds to help?

“Through my Love Corporation, we are marketing my trademark ‘Real Men Love 2 Cuddle’ T-shirts and opening a restaurant called Ice/Mex Takeout this winter, which combines Mexican food and twenty flavors of ice cream. All proceeds from sales of T-shirts and Ice/Mex will go to feeding the homeless and construction to build the multimillion dollar hotel. I’m also working on a giving back concert at the end of August at the Wolf Theatre featuring musical performances by newcomer Brett Mikels plus Luggnutt Keyz, Jennifer Knight and Supreme Reflections to raise money to open not only a hotel but also several outreach centers to give that helping hand to those that are seeking a second chance in life.”

What do you envision for the His Love Street Hotel?

“The hotel will include a clinic, commercial kitchen, private showers, a barber, laundry facilities, a library, dentist, counselors and a beautiful outdoor courtyard. We intend to employ our guests in several areas, such as our hotel tower, clinics, book store, clothing store, and our 700-seat state of the art Olguin’s Restaurant. We anticipate serving more than 10,000 people each year.”

That’s an enormous undertaking. How do you unwind after a busy day?

“With a glass of wine and the thought that I am very blessed.”

 “Is there anything besides being the godson of Mae West that others may not know about you?

“When I set my mind on anything, I don’t ever give up until I reach my goal.”


Meet The Neighbor – Michael Clift, David Scott & Wayne Hosking a.k.a. The Australian Bee Gees

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By Callie Thomas

It’s the music that has become legendary. The unforgettable harmonies and indelible dance rhythms of the one and only Bee Gees are re-created six nights a week at the Excalibur by the multi-talented Michael Clift (a.k.a. Barry Gibb), David Scott (a.k.a. Robin Gibb) and Wayne Hosking (a.k.a. Maurice Gibb). Not only are they exceptional musicians and performers who have entertained audiences from all over the world with their uncanny resemblance and similar sound to the original group, they’re also local 89123 residents who have become our neighbors, entrenched within the Las Vegas community as they enjoy the local lifestyle, send their children to school and help give back through many local nonprofit organizations.

Bee Gees DS1D8243F1

Originally from Australia, the trio formed the Bee Gees tribute group in 1996, because “nobody else was doing it” and they had been touring together for fifteen years before landing in Vegas in 2011. Since that time, they’ve not only had to adjust to the welcome opportunity of going to work in the same showroom every night, but they have also put down roots for their families, building a life within the community in the process.

Each member of the Australian Bee Gees is passionate about supporting local organizations that have special meaning to them, including nonprofits such as Shade Tree, Four Square, Partee Fore Kids Event, Supply Our Students Drive, many local blood drives, Clean the World and other charities. The three gave us an inside look at the personalities behind the performances, making the move from Australia to Las Vegas and becoming part of the community.

How did you all meet?

MC: “My band Red Tape won Battle of the Bands for two years and secured a record deal and released several singles before becoming a part of Australian Bee Gees.”

DS: “I played guitar in a small town at an early age. In high school, I met others who could play songs by ear and we put together a band. Our parents were members of local clubs and got us gigs. We didn’t get paid, but we got free soda! Years later, I auditioned and was welcomed into a tribute group to the Eagles, which soon became the Australian Bee Gees.”

WH: “I started as a solo pianist in bars around Melbourne, Australia. I then worked with an Australian playwright named Craig Christie, with whom I composed a rock opera called “Crusade” which won a lot of critical acclaim in Australia and Europe. I was invited to the Bee Gees tribute company in 1996.”

What’s it been like becoming a part of the Vegas community?

MC: “We had been touring for many years, so there was some adjusting to this lifestyle. It’s probably the closest thing to a normal job that I’ve ever had. My family moved over in 2012 and both my kids started going to school. That’s the point where you start to meet people out of the circle of your industry and feel like you’re living here rather than just working here. This year, my wife is the vice president of the PTA at our kid’s school!”

Tell us about the local charitable organizations you support.

WH: “We feel very privileged to be able to live and work here in Las Vegas and give back. Clean the World provides hygiene packs for local homeless people made of the amenity packs from the hotels and casinos here.”

DS: “I support the Shade Tree charity that provides food and shelter to women, children and vets.”

MC: “World Vision and Medicine Sans Frontiers are long term commitments of me and my family, and since arriving in Las Vegas, we’ve been involved in many local charities including Shade Tree.”

Anything about yourselves others might be surprised to know?

MC: “I’m a nerd. Wait, I think they already know that.”

DS: “My friends are never surprised about anything I do, but others might not know that I’m quite different from the character I play on stage.”

WH: “Most people are surprised that I am shy offstage.”



Meet The Neighbor – Dr. Navin Twarakavi

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By Callie Thomas

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

As children, it’s easy for us to become fascinated by the smallest of things, like tossing a stone into the water and watching as the rings ripple and fade into infinity. 89074 resident Dr. Navin Twarakavi has taken his fascination with water into adulthood and his career to become the Associate Professor at the Desert Research Institute. His research focuses on understanding how water, nutrients and energy move between plants, soil and atmosphere. He is particularly keen on developing sustainable solutions for agriculture in arid regions.

Dr Navin DS1D8191F

Navin’s strong belief in education, particularly with children, is essential to building a productive and aware society that collectively make decisions for generations to come while facing changing environments and limited resources. Navin has taken his quest to the elementary level grade school children in the valley to educate them on the value of water resources.

The Farm Lab is a social network based learning module that Navin runs and has taken to the students in the community to become “virtual farmers” that grow food (vegetables and fruits) based on decisions that are made among a student group. They get advice from the pros (local agricultural professionals and Desert Research Institute scientists) to develop their parcels of the virtual farm. Their decisions are communicated through a web interface and the virtual farmers are able to see changes in their plants above and below ground. Navin is also an active participant in the Desert Research Institute’s Green Power Program, which promotes and supports the education of Nevada’s K-12 students to encourage advancements in hydroponics. The busy professor took a few minutes to talk about his passion for research, his vision for a sustainable future and his other loves: his wife and two year old daughter.

What do you believe inspired you to become passionate about water and sustaining this integral resource?

“I was inspired as a kid to study the movement of water in the global water cycle while growing up in India, living on an island with water resources that were stressed to adequately serve the community. I find that same stress in the Las Vegas Valley, which motivates me to find solutions for efficient and optimal usage and conservation of available water resources.”

Tell us about the Desert Research Institute’s Green Power Program.

“Its mission is to promote the advancement of hydroponics – the method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. I have participated in a Skype lesson with Sandy Miller Elementary School students to help guide their hydroponics project. They then showcased the “fruits” of their labor to the medalist, Dr. Nina Fedoroff, a leading geneticist and molecular biologist who is a pioneering researcher in the field of plant genetics.”

What is it like working with the children in the programs?

“I always find that children can come up with seemingly simple questions but are actually very profound and tough to answer! Children have an inherent appreciation of the value of natural resources that seems to fade away as they grow up. As educators and the current torch bearers for our planet, we need to put in a better effort to nurture this intrinsic quality.”

You instill this appreciation for nature in your own daughter?

“Yes. Everything that my two year old daughter learns from me is one of my proudest and most gratifying accomplishments. My wife and my daughter are the most important to me.”

After a long day, how do you unwind?

“I enjoy playing with my daughter and playing guitars.”

Any other hobbies?

“I love running, brewing beer and listening to TED Talks.”

What does giving back mean to you?

“Giving back to the community is a responsibility and not an option. We are what we are because of the community in which we live.”




Meet The Neighbor – John Holmstrom

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By Callie Thomas

Is there an unsung hero in your life? When you think back, there was probably a math teacher, football coach or perhaps a scout leader that made a difference or supported a meaningful event that you’ll remember throughout your life. Resident John Holmstrom is one of those heroes, and the students, athletes and scouts that have been under his tutelage have the memories and trophies to help illustrate his influence on their lives.

John Holmstrom DS1D8272F

Holmstrom has shared his talents throughout the community in a variety of ways, which has included evaluating challenges and providing flexible solutions that he developed as a project engineer while working with Tronox. In that position, he was responsible for every phase of capital construction projects, from conceptual planning to detailed design, budgeting and permitting, all the way through construction and start up, all for a variety of projects that went beyond the responsibilities of an electrical engineer. Currently, Holmstrom serves as the Maintenance Manager for the Tronox Henderson plant and is responsible for maintenance and repair of all plant operations. As a part of the Tronox company culture, Holmstrom also lends his expertise to Mannion Middle School’s Tech Program, which introduces students to engineering fields. In fact, his “official” capacity with the class is Engineer Mentor.

Another title that Holmstrom has earned is that of Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America Troop 95. He has had an influence on countless kids in the program. In fact, all three of his own children have come up through the organization, and his two sons earned their Eagle rank. He has also volunteered his efforts with the City of Henderson Recreation Department, adding the title of “Coach” to the list. The multi-talented Holmstrom has inspired youth through baseball, softball, basketball and soccer programs. Even years later, former team and troop members and students enjoy recalling those memories. The active resident shares his experiences and the unexpected rewards of being a mentor to so many.

Tell us about your role as “Engineer Mentor” at Mannion Middle School.

“When my daughter was a student at Burkholder Middle School, she took the class and asked for my help when they had to design a city of the future and build parts of the city. In the course of this, I got to be good friends with the teacher, Jackie Welch-Doubeck, and I have been volunteering with the class for about twelve years, first at Burkholder and now at Mannion. Tronox, my employer, also encourages staff to be involved in educational efforts, specifically involving engineering and robotics. It is a huge part of our company culture.”

How did you become involved with the Boy Scouts of America?

“I’m a fan of the skills and abilities that they teach kids and young adults. All of my kids came up through the Boy Scouts; my daughter was the first president of Crew 95, a high adventure Venture Crew unit that backpacked, climbed, rappelled, rafted and more. My two boys were active in both the Troop and Crew.”

Were your children involved in your decision to work with the City of Henderson Recreation Department?

“Yes. When my kids were in elementary and middle school, I volunteered as a coach. The city’s year-round program keeps kids active with an emphasis on fun and participation.”

Any experiences with these groups you could share?

“Occasionally, I bump into one of the kids and we talk about a basketball game we had or the moving parts we built for their city model, white water rafting at summer camp or how much weight their bridge model held before it crushed. It’s nice to know that we can have a positive, lasting impact while doing something fun.”

What accomplishments are you most proud to have achieved?

“My family with the love of my life, my wife Kristy. My two Eagle Scouts and the dozen or so others I got to work with on their path to Eagle, a valedictorian, two Tech Pro class teams that made it to national competitions in Washington, D.C., a hallway lined with team pictures and a pot shelf crammed with team trophies and memorabilia. I am also proud of my position as the Maintenance Manager of Tronox and hope that my civic efforts encourage the staff to remain involved in community service.”

Any advice or life inspiration you’d like to share?

“Do good work and do your best. We all get knocked down sometimes, but we need to get back up, help our neighbors up, dust off and move on.”


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Meet The Neighbor 89144

Kimberly Miles

By Callie Thomas

The path to success is a process. If you subscribe to the idea that we make our own opportunities, then you need to feel successful to attract them. To feel successful, you need to look successful. To look successful, you need to have the ability to dress for the job you want. For many, having access to that type of wardrobe isn’t always easy, but if 89144 resident Kimberly Miles has anything to say about it, she will be the voice of the underserved and make a difference, particularly in the lives of women in the community who are in need of a hand up.

Kim Miles DS1D4155Final

Kimberly Miles is successful, and not just because of all that she has accomplished, although she does own the largest privately-held, woman-owned payroll service bureau in Nevada, TPCHR Payroll Consultants. Her success can also be attributed to all that she has given, freely extending her time, money and compassion to a number of non-profit organizations such as Shannon West Homeless Youth Center, American Heart Association Circle of Red, The Humane Society and Dress for Success of Southern Nevada. But more than anything, Kimberly Miles is successful in life for her exuberance, tenacity and willingness to stand up for what’s right. She has not only made an investment in the community in which she lives; she has made an investment in many neighbor’s lives, and in turn has helped them obtain their own success.

Miles’ zeal for life is infectious and abundantly evident in everything she does. As she says, “I love what I do and do what I love, and I’m always transparent!” Miles talks about her need for giving back to the community she’s called home for the past eighteen years, how going vegan has tamed her “energetic vibrations” and why she’s anything but typical.

Would it be safe to say that you’re a natural cheerleader for all women?

“While my first passion is people and relationships, I’m definitely passionate about girl power, strengthening our womanhood and our divine purpose. My warrior name is Moon Goddess. She helps other warriors to find their path.”

So it was natural for you to become involved with Dress for Success?

“I had never been part of a start-up nonprofit. Paige Candee, the founder of Dress for Success of Southern Nevada, approached me a few years back, and I was very cautious as I am usually a behind-the-scenes ‘giver’ while my for-profit capitalist work is exactly the opposite: up-front and center. I am proud to say I’m on the inaugural board. Dress for Success of Southern Nevada has turned out to be an organization that gives back more than 96% of the gain directly to the women it serves.”

How does Dress for Success help Southern Nevada women?

“We help disadvantaged women looking to get back on their feet by providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to help them thrive in work and life.”

Why is it important for you to be involved in the community?

“I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to be a part of growth and change, and I strive toward bettering Las Vegas’ strengths.”

You have a very outgoing personality. Is it hard to unplug?

“I literally have to concentrate to ‘turn down’ my frequency. The vibrations of energy that come from me can be exhausting to others! Changing my diet has taken the edge off. Going with vegan/raw foods now seems to satisfy and relax me. Meditation and yoga also make the list!”

You express your individuality in all you do. Tell us about your favorite Vegas memory.

“After eloping to marry my husband G. Eric Miles in Fiji, we returned and threw a replica of our experience in Fijian rituals alongside the Desert Shores water line. We had a Kava ceremony, flame throwers and fire-breathing acts. Friends and family came from all over the country for the reception and Zowie Bowie hosted an event at Red Rock for us. It was amazing!”

Meet The Neighbor – Kelly Tate

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By Callie Thomas

Keeping up with two boys – a six and eight year old – is never easy for any parent, although it would be easy to raise the white flag in pure exhaustion. But 89135 resident and single dad of two active sons Kelly Tate has one motto: never give up! It’s a philosophy Tate has enacted throughout his life, even while enduring his share of disappointments. Part of what has made him successful in life and in his career is that desire to keep going.

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The thirteen year resident has recently demonstrated his perseverance by taking on the challenges of starting and running his own business. After fifteen years working as a CPA for others, he’s put out his own shingle. Tate sees it as another opportunity to work closely with his clients and do the best job possible. If starting a new business and raising two rambunctious kids isn’t challenging enough, he’s also dedicated to helping those in need within the community through a variety of charitable organizations. This includes being the Chair of the Finance Committee for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate and taking on the role as Treasurer for Susan G. Komen over the past year. Tate’s decision to become involved with the Komen organization was a matter close to the heart with his aunt and cousin both suffering from breast cancer. He completed his first Race for the Cure with Komen and has become more determined than ever to continue that effort.

Through it all, his passion remains with his two boys, Pierce and Preston, and ensuring that they have the best childhood possible. Tate talks about his dedication to his family, those in need throughout the community and even his fondest Las Vegas experience, which shot him 160 feet into the air at forty-five miles per hour while overlooking the Las Vegas valley.

What’s it like opening your own CPA office?

“It’s been huge for me personally. After working for others, it’s really nice to put my skills to work out of my own office and continue to define what I want to be professionally and personally. I think going out on my own was a natural progression in my life that was long overdue.”

How did you get involved in the community?

“I’ve met hundreds of clients and made hundreds of contacts in my thirteen years in Las Vegas. It has helped me tremendously in getting to know the community and to get involved.”

You’ve put your finance skills to good use.

“For nine years, I held the position of the Chair of the Finance Committee for Habitat for Humanity. A little over a year ago, I became the Treasurer for the Susan G. Komen organization. I really enjoy doing this type of work. It is rewarding to know that I can use my work skills to help out an organization that really needs it and passes on the goodwill to so many people.”

The Komen organization has personal meaning to you?

“I thought it would be a great charity to become a part of, especially having had an aunt and, more recently, a cousin with breast cancer.”

You recently participated in your first Komen Race for the Cure?

“It was amazing to me to see the excitement on so many faces just to be affiliated with the Race charity. There were so many people that just wanted to give a little time, effort and money to help such a worthy cause.”

You seem to race around with your two boys as well.

“I love getting outside with them, whether it is in the park or watching them play. I have so much fun just watching them grow up and becoming more mature as they get older.”

Your way of unplugging is an adventure in the sky?

“One of the most memorable Las Vegas experiences I’ve ever had was riding the Big Shot at two in the morning. What an amazing ride and view. Such an adrenaline rush!”